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Sinobear Apr 17,2016 19:35

Tags: Lifestyle, Expat Tales, Expat Rants & Advice, Business & Jobs, Teaching & Learning

What has China got against parents?Been doing some job and soul-searching lately, and there’s something I’ve noticed.As a parent of twins, most schools offering positions offer either no discount ...

Sinobear Feb 17,2016 13:53

Tags: Expat Tales, Teaching & Learning

Here’s the story of a friend I’ll call ‘Xena’.Xena was hired to be the Vice-Principal of a school to teach young Americans Chinese (their parents have hopes and even expectations that their ...

Sinobear Dec 25,2013 13:10

Tags: General, Language & Culture, Expat Rants & Advice, Expat Tales

Paulberger asked me on a thread in the Questions Forum “How has China changed over the years?” To answer this requires more than just an “off-the-cuff” answer, hence this ...

Sinobear Nov 08,2013 22:45

Tags: Expat Rants & Advice, Expat Tales, Lifestyle

Thank you for your time in reading this (although I know you would have found this letter completely by accident as it is not a game or involves tips on how to make large sums of money by doing ...

Sinobear Oct 22,2013 18:49

Tags: Expat Rants & Advice, Lifestyle

I have young kids. They turn the TV on first thing in the morning and only my wife gets turned off by me later than them in the evening. Now, my kids don’t actually vegetate in front of the ...

Sinobear Oct 22,2013 17:45

Tags: Expat Rants & Advice, Expat Tales, Lifestyle

Thank you for reading this letter (although I know you can’t read nor understand English anyway, which is why you continuously ignore a huge niche market in China). I just want to say that I ...

Sinobear Oct 20,2013 21:06

Tags: Teaching & Learning, Business & Jobs, Expat Rants & Advice, Lifestyle

Thank you for taking your time to apply for the position that I advertised on this site and others. As a person (and yes, a native English speaker to boot!) responsible for hiring (which also means ...

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