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jdredd1 on jdredd1 's blog Can we open the parents eyes?(9 comments)
Jun 23,2015 15:42

Thank you for your observation and advice. I understand English and I understand grammar. My typing is not always best and I still overlook some errors when I proof my work. Part of being human. You still fail to see the 'steak' because you spend too much time watching the "peas and carrots'. English schools in ... Full Comment>>

jdredd1 on news When to Hold Your Tongue: The Importance of Respecting “Face”(24 comments)
Jun 15,2015 13:13

I do understand one thing about Chinese parents. They will look (most) for any opportunity to extort money from foreign teachers/workers and will look for ways to make themselves look important. I have a teacher friend who corrected a little emperor in his class. The child was disruptive in class but this day he ... Full Comment>>

jdredd1 on news Fined & Shamed: Foreign Teacher Who Threw 5 Year-Old in Pool Pays the Price(113 comments)
Jun 15,2015 13:05

Let me start with this: No one should ever hurt a child. Rather east or west!!! I do not know hat went on in this story other than what was stated in the article. Neither does anyone else commenting. But we are all free to give our view or opinion. I do understand one thing about Chinese parents. They will look ... Full Comment>>

jdredd1 on thabet_sava 's blog Suggestions to master English fast(2 comments)
Jun 03,2015 18:45

This is a very good article!!! I agree 110% I attempted similar to this with a high school class I was teaching. Some students actually tried what I was asking. Others complained to their parents who complained to the school master who complained to me. I was told that this was not according to Chinese culture and I ... Full Comment>>

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