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Sairaab on news Forget English Teaching: Other Jobs for Expats(16 comments)
Aug 04,2015 12:19

Mind blowing idea. Full Comment>>

good show. exchange culture Full Comment>>

Sairaab on thabet_sava 's blog Suggestions to master English fast(2 comments)
Jun 16,2015 13:38

good article. I think main problem is hesitation. Mostly Chinese can read and write very good. But in listening and speaking, they feel hesitation. Full Comment>>

Sairaab on news Teaching English in China: The Frustrations of a Foreign Teacher(43 comments)
Jun 16,2015 13:35

Article is very interesting. Actually James is native English teacher. So he wanted to apply some modern methodology for learning English in Chinese schools. His approach was very good. But for this purpose, he should be cooperate with Chinese English teachers. gradually, he made them understand and share his idea ... Full Comment>>

Sairaab on jdredd1 's blog Can we open the parents eyes?(9 comments)
Jun 16,2015 13:08

Your blog is awesome and you shared your thoughts and views.In my point of view, like this time I am finding English teaching job. but still, I am not successful. The major reason is this, I am not native English speaker. Because here mostly employers are mentioned that the Chinese parents want only native English ... Full Comment>>

Sairaab on news Teaching in a Third-Tier City: My Year in Yingkou (16 comments)
Jun 16,2015 12:54

But every city has not same situation. Here in Nanjing, English teaching job opportunities are very less. Even a person can not find accurate place for applying any job on website. Full Comment>>

Sairaab on news Adventures in China: Strange Expat Jobs(24 comments)
Jun 16,2015 12:48

Some time adventure, but some time not. Like you can not do BBQ outside like in some European countries. Full Comment>>

Sairaab on Sairaab 's blog My first experience with Chinese people, here, in China. (9 comments)
Jun 16,2015 12:40

Yes Boatbonnie, they are kind. Full Comment>>

Sairaab on Sairaab 's blog My first experience with Chinese people, here, in China. (9 comments)
Jun 16,2015 12:39

I have IELTS certificate also. Full Comment>>

Sairaab on Sairaab 's blog My first experience with Chinese people, here, in China. (9 comments)
Jun 16,2015 12:38

Are you talking about chinglish or English!!!! I am certified teacher Full Comment>>

Sairaab on news Common Jobs for Foreigners in China(18 comments)
Jun 16,2015 12:29

Education is the key. Currently Chinese are focusing on this area. They are also focusing on learning English Language. For this purposes, now requirement are very high for English teaching jobs. But it does not mean that salaries are high. these are very average. Full Comment>>

Sairaab on news Most Common English Teaching Job Scams in China: What to Avoid(30 comments)
Jun 16,2015 09:42

nice information in article. But I have one question. If we will not contact to recruiters for getting English teaching, then how can we get? another source or link, which may be best for finding English teaching job. Like me, I have more than 5 years teaching experience. Full Comment>>

Sairaab on Sairaab 's blog Current English job situation, in non-English speaking countries.(2 comments)
Jun 15,2015 21:47

You say right. Because if a person will not take risk then of course he will stop himself on one point. so grapes are sour. but sometime, we eat sour grapes like taking any risk!!! Full Comment>>

Sairaab on news 5 Places in China That Will Transport You to Another World(11 comments)
Jun 14,2015 14:06

China has many beautiful places. I wish to be look whole China. Full Comment>>

Sairaab on news Love and Borders: U.S. Executive Struggles to Get Visa for Chinese “Peasant” Wife (36 comments)
Jun 14,2015 13:27

May be it is easy. because China is offering Green card. Full Comment>>

Sairaab on news China Wants to Make Getting a Green Card Less Impossible for Foreigners (38 comments)
Jun 14,2015 13:17

it seems good. Full Comment>>

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