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hasanazizaaa on news Rat Crawls Up Man’s Trousers in China Hot Pot Restaurant (3 comments)
Sep 29,2017 08:24

Rats n roaches r everywhere.... Full Comment>>

hasanazizaaa on news Keep it Legal: China’s 10 Strangest Rules and Laws(29 comments)
Sep 25,2017 16:54

crazy laws... Full Comment>>

hasanazizaaa on news Beijing and Tianjin Hit by Massive Rainstorm Today and Tomorrow (2 comments)
Jul 22,2016 14:15

rain rain rain Full Comment>>

hasanazizaaa on news Patriotic Hangzhou Company Rewards Employees for Destroying iPhones (16 comments)
Jul 22,2016 14:13

these are nothing but publicity stunts .... Full Comment>>

hasanazizaaa on news IKEA Recalls All MALM Dressers Ever Sold in China (4 comments)
Jul 14,2016 23:01

tough but good move... Full Comment>>


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