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cooter on news An Updated Ningbo Laowai’s Guide to Western Dining(1 comments)
Nov 04,2014 08:13

Amore's hasn't redecorated since the last time they made this list. Still the best choice for Italian in Ningbo, though. Picanha's Brazilian BBQ relocated more than a year ago. It's now on the 2nd floor of the Ningbo World Hotel (宁波大酒店)on Zhongshan rd across from Tianyi Square. IMO, you missed the best new ... Full Comment>>

cooter on news Fruit Vendors Cusses at Mother with Looped Recording, Beaten by Father(8 comments)
Aug 23,2014 08:45

An example of Confucian values and filial piety at their finest. Full Comment>>

cooter on news Poor Foreigner Who Took Wrong Bus Mistaken for a Hobo, Helped by Police(21 comments)
May 27,2014 08:35

"city-to-city by bus is never cheaper than by train.". The bus from my city to Shanghai: 90 rmb. Second class train ticket? 105 rmb. Full Comment>>

cooter on news Owls Attack Cell Phone Users in Kunming (4 comments)
May 24,2014 08:18

Wouldn't it be awesome to setup an owl or two in the movie theaters here? "*Ringtone*....Wei?! Shrrreeeiiikkk!!!" Full Comment>>

cooter on news Chinese Media Embarks On Month Long Anti-Smoking Campaign(3 comments)
May 08,2014 08:54

And then after a month, you'll never hear about it again, and we'll regress right back to where we started.....assuming any improvement was made at all (highly doubtful!). Full Comment>>

cooter on news Newspaper Ad Begs Son to Come Home for New Year: “I Won’t Force Marriage”(11 comments)
Jan 18,2014 08:54

Interesting input mike. I've no idea about cantonese, other than I can't understand a lick of it! But I think the admin made a good change....sorta leaves it up to the reader's own interpretation. Maybe some more optimistic people will just subliminally insert a comma so it becomes "Love, your mother". Full Comment>>

cooter on news Newspaper Ad Begs Son to Come Home for New Year: “I Won’t Force Marriage”(11 comments)
Jan 17,2014 08:40

Are you sure about the translation of that last line? 爱你的妈妈 reads a lot more like a suggestion or command to "Love your mother" versus "Love you, mum". Cultural differences, I'm sure. Full Comment>>

cooter on news The Elite Payroll: How Much China’s Wealthiest Actors Get Paid(10 comments)
Nov 21,2013 08:13

Yeah, you do :P Donnie Yen? Ip Man? Awesome movie, and I think his kung fu is a lot better than the top 3 listed. On the girls side, the top 3 have been in movies released in the US, so they're at least somewhat known. You haven't seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Zhang Ziyi), Miami Vice (Gong Li), or Transporter ... Full Comment>>

cooter on news Struggling with Culture Shock? Read the “Survival Handbook for Expats in China” (4 comments)
Nov 12,2013 08:28

"As well, the cost of using taxis in China is much less expensive than using cabs in China." Wait what? Full Comment>>

cooter on news Brawl Breaks Out on a Kunming-Bound Flight, Foreigners Involved(18 comments)
Nov 08,2013 08:13

This is why, unless it's just 100% impossible, you take the train. Full Comment>>

cooter on news Brawl Breaks Out on a Kunming-Bound Flight, Foreigners Involved(18 comments)
Nov 08,2013 08:12

Math > you. 5000 - 1000 = 4000 yuan. Also, reading comprehension > you. "ANOTHER reason for the divorce..." Full Comment>>

cooter on news Wild Sanya-Style Sex Party for the Rich and Famous Exposed in Beijing(8 comments)
Nov 01,2013 08:19

Just below the solitary pic is a link "More photos>>" Enjoy :P Full Comment>>

cooter on news Overcoming Adversity: 5 of the Most Common Fears of China Expats(26 comments)
Oct 30,2013 08:27

"To overcome your fear of eating Chinese food, you simply just have to dive in chopsticks first and give it a stab. The absolute worst that can happen is that you won’t like it." No, the worst is....well, see your section 5. (Hint, involves projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea, often concurrently.) Full Comment>>

The picture is not necessarily of the crime mentioned in the article. eChinacities (and many other sites) will many times just use some appropriate looking stock photo from the internet. Full Comment>>

cooter on news Shanghai Intends to Prohibit Minors from Entering Bars(1 comments)
Sep 05,2013 08:17

I'm sure the bar patrons will respect these new signs and bar owners will enforce these new rules as much as the current "No Smoking" signs/rules. LOL. Full Comment>>

cooter on news Bored? Fly from Shanghai Pudong to Shanghai Hongqiao for 80 RMB(1 comments)
Jul 19,2013 08:26

Or you can take the subway for less than 10 rmb...albeit in a potentially crammed sardine can for 1.5 hours. Full Comment>>

cooter on Samsara 's blog Chinese Self-Perception(24 comments)
Jun 01,2013 08:20

I deem this blog the winnAr! But, given the fact that this blog will definitely hurt a lot of "feelings" may just have to settle for honorable mention ;( Full Comment>>

cooter on HoldenColfield 's blog Cars!(5 comments)
May 21,2013 09:28

BYD F0! Top of the line! Full Comment>>

cooter on HoldenColfield 's blog Cars!(5 comments)
May 15,2013 10:00

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! I love my little car in China. Sure beats the sardine experience that is the public transportation system. Also beats getting gypped by the local cabbies. This honk's for you! *beep*! Full Comment>>

cooter on news China's "Sturgis" Motorcycle Rally: 600 Harley-Davidsons Roll into Hangzhou (3 comments)
May 15,2013 09:50

How do these Harley owners get plates? My understanding of Chinese rules and regulations is that any motorcycle in excess of 250cc is not allowed to register for a license plate. Last I checked, the smallest motor on offer from H-D is 883cc.... Full Comment>>

cooter on HoldenColfield 's blog A right-brained foreigner’s musings on a Cinco De Mayo in China.(6 comments)
May 07,2013 08:54

Is that your real name, or did you just mispell "Caulfield" from "The Catcher in the Rye"? If it's the former, then your parents have an interesting sense of humor. Full Comment>>

cooter on news 3 Big Reasons Why It’s Still Worth Living In China(9 comments)
Mar 05,2013 09:16

"The general population is becoming more conscious of queues, while there’s less spitting, smoking indoors and excessive horn honking." Please tell me in which part of China this is occurring, because all of the above habits are still the cultural norm here! Perhaps the author of the article would like to ... Full Comment>>

cooter on news Expat Q&A: Satisfactions and Regrets on Living in China(11 comments)
Sep 08,2012 16:23

Perhaps a tinge of sarcasm...I hope anyways. Full Comment>>

cooter on news Light Years Behind: Can China’s Space Programme Catch Up to US’s?(7 comments)
Jun 20,2012 16:07

"China still has a long way to go towards sending probes to the edges of the Milky Way Galaxy, as the US has already done. " Uhh, we have a couple probes at the edge of the Solar System, but the galaxy? LOL? Maybe the writer has been watching too many USA TV Programs (Star Trek)....Probably hates Sulu too, ... Full Comment>>

cooter on news Making a Mountain out of a Molehill: Nature and National Pride(3 comments)
May 12,2012 16:41

You might want to check on that proverb :愚公移山. A quick check with google says "Foolish Old Man"....nothing about "where there's a will, there's a way". Full Comment>>


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