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woody on news U.S. Teacher Deported for Critical Text Message in Tibet(18 comments)
Aug 03,2015 21:48

How did the police get hold of the text. Full Comment>>

woody on news Man Caught on Beijing-Lhasa Train with Heroin Hidden in Foreskin(5 comments)
May 08,2015 12:37

Max payload for a Chinese foreskin is 0.075g so I think they will also charge him for overweight baggage. Full Comment>>

woody on news 30 World Cities With the Worst Traffic Announced: 10 are in China (7 comments)
Apr 08,2015 19:30

Maths lesson 1. When making a list when 2 or more are ranked equally the the next position has to take into account that fact. After two cities finished equal 7th the next position should have been 9th. Full Comment>>

woody on news Hey, Nice Comb-Over: There Are Now 200 Million Bald Men in China (10 comments)
Mar 17,2015 16:18

If you write an article with the headline comb-over you could at least find a photo of one. While the average % of bald men may be similar world over China would be a leader in the comb-over stakes. Full Comment>>

woody on news Customer Detained After Eating Opium-Laced Noodles (15 comments)
Sep 28,2014 03:55

Let's hope they did the legally correct thing and arrested all his friends who went there and then were drug tested lol. Full Comment>>

woody on news I’m Sure It’ll be Fine: Street Food and Food Safety Standards in China(43 comments)
Oct 26,2013 14:13

You really have some poor comprehension skills. You asked "did I have a normal western diet". I stated that I was brought up on meat and 3 veg and IT was boring. That's is what we had day in day out when I was a kid. Rissoles, chops or sausages with potatoes, carrots and peas. Sunday was a roast chicken or ... Full Comment>>

woody on news I’m Sure It’ll be Fine: Street Food and Food Safety Standards in China(43 comments)
Oct 26,2013 12:41

Not sure why I am bothering but anyway. Why WOULD a person who you have never met and has the audacity to have different views to your norms be "highly annoying". I answered the question with my genuine feeling on the subject. I don't seek anyone's approval and am fine with many disagreeing with my ... Full Comment>>

woody on news I’m Sure It’ll be Fine: Street Food and Food Safety Standards in China(43 comments)
Oct 26,2013 12:18

Hang on. I was just answering your question after being called a strange man. I am not a man of the world but have spent a bit of time in China. I was brought up on a basic Western diet but in more recent times as a resident of Sydney and it's very multi cultural population have found great joy in experiencing food ... Full Comment>>

woody on news I’m Sure It’ll be Fine: Street Food and Food Safety Standards in China(43 comments)
Oct 24,2013 18:07

Yes. Meat a 3 veg. Boring as bat shit. I just had a meal in a little Muslim hole in the wall place. Some soup made with lamb, some sort of wonton type dish which I made a sensational dipping sauce with chili and vinegar and some little lamb in flaky pastery sausage roll type things. Not to mention a tanghulu or 2 ... Full Comment>>

woody on news I’m Sure It’ll be Fine: Street Food and Food Safety Standards in China(43 comments)
Oct 23,2013 18:19

Agree. I am an Aussie, rarely eat in restaurants back home but I just enjoy wandering around and trying what takes my fancy here. I have been to China 6 times and stayed for up to 3 months at a time. I eat in decent restaurants, hole in the wall places and on the street. One rule only. There has to be plenty of ... Full Comment>>

woody on news 2013 NBA All-Stars to Compete in Shenzhen on October 16(1 comments)
Oct 06,2013 16:27

NBA has beens in the land where name always trumps substance. Full Comment>>

woody on news Hairy “Anti-Pervert” Stockings Trending this Summer(7 comments)
Jun 18,2013 20:35

Typical Chinese copying stuff. I have seen a lot a Greek women wearing these for years. They appear to wear them all year round. Full Comment>>

woody on news Low Key Extravagance: Chinese Officials Find New Ways to Keep Up Expensive Tastes (4 comments)
May 08,2013 16:17

Looks like the only way is to catch them there. Surely a simple audit of their spending of public money could identify the problem reguardless of where they spent the cash. Do the government departments have auditors in China? Full Comment>>

woody on news Chinese Dining Etiquette: What Not to Do at a Company Dinner(31 comments)
Apr 25,2013 09:55

What is the etiquette for drinking wine. I have been to a wedding and dinner recently with some very expensive Australian red wine supplied. It was variously mixed with sweet drinks, had sugar (yes 2 people pulled out small packets of sugar cubes and dumped it in their wine glass)and then just drunk as if it was ... Full Comment>>

woody on news Shanghai Woman Refused HK Visa Due to Post Plastic Surgery Photo ID(4 comments)
Apr 09,2013 21:58

Photoshopped. Full Comment>>

woody on news Chinese-British Bigamy Saga Concludes; Results in Scattered Family(2 comments)
Apr 09,2013 20:18

Maybe someone can enlighten me as to why so this is different and more newsworthy than all those Chinese men who have mistresses and children to those women. Full Comment>>

woody on news Does China's Materialistic Image Really Represent Most Chinese?(41 comments)
Feb 26,2013 19:01

Put face and a lack of free or logical thought together and it's a marketers' perfect storm. It is hard to work out how a person spends such a high proportion of their available income on a gadget or luxury car. Well you can even forget the luxury when speaking of cars. I know plenty who have purchased one even when ... Full Comment>>

woody on news Annual Food Waste in China Costs 200 Billion RMB(1 comments)
Feb 26,2013 17:57

I have witnessed this on so many occasions but am happy to say that despite being seen as I guess well off plus me being a foreigner and my partner having residency in Australia we are happy to mostly ask for and get permission to take multiple "doggy bags" home even when our hosts have paid the bill. If ... Full Comment>>

woody on news The Shame Game: Who’s to Blame for Chinese Badminton Player Expulsion?(24 comments)
Aug 05,2012 22:53

Ah just as I thought. The concept of ethics would be too hard for most locals to grasp. Full Comment>>

woody on news 10 Items You Can't Mail Abroad from China(31 comments)
Aug 31,2011 03:57

If it is ilegal to send counterfeit goods, how can local companies send their fake Nike shoes through the mail worldwide> Full Comment>>


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