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nashboroguy on news 7 Companies Hiring Onsite and Online English Teachers in China(9 comments)
Dec 25,2020 12:23

As these are franchise run businesses, I am sure that there are some honorable management teams. But, there is no denying that Wall Street, Disney, EF, and a few other franchise training schools have been in the news in past years for "questionable" actions. Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news 7 Companies Hiring Onsite and Online English Teachers in China(9 comments)
Dec 04,2020 21:24

EF and Wall Street have bad reputations in how they treat their teachers, among other questionable behaviors. I have not heard of the other training centers. Note that these are training centers. Public and private schools are currently hiring for the new semester in February. If you enjoy more free time, holidays, ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news A Beginner’s Guide to Renting an Apartment in China(9 comments)
Oct 07,2020 13:25

Brand new constructions will show poor workmanship after a while. Expect to see cracks in walls, outer halls and elevators not being cleaned, and light bulbs that never get changed. I have also heard that once the landlord has the lease in hand, do not expect any more effort from the landlord. You might even be ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news 7 Things to Know Before Your First English Teaching Job in China(17 comments)
Sep 10,2020 16:24

Thank you for your comment. I will just take it with a grain of salt. I am not sure what issue you have with my comment, other than you are probably one of the many jaded foreigners living in China, and are unhappy in life. Thankfully, at least 6 people disagreed with you. I was not playing the "numbers ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news 7 Things to Know Before Your First English Teaching Job in China(17 comments)
Sep 01,2020 19:05

As a teacher in China for eight years, I have a few suggestions for the beginner teacher. 1. Be aware of the symptoms of Culture Shock. There are various stages and extremes. One of which is anger and frustration. 2. You best bet for a first school would be either a public school, or a well-known private ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news 6 Risks Not Worth Taking as a Foreigner in China(11 comments)
Aug 13,2020 12:11

Dating or marrying Chinese people. Although the younger generation is becoming more open and free with western practices, the older generation is still bound by tradition and culture. You are not only marrying you love, you are marrying the family. That comes with responsibilities. Your in-laws have much to say ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news Foreigners Breaking Corona Rules Could be ‘Deported and Banned for 10 Years’(21 comments)
May 10,2020 13:14

Oh, Boo Hoo. Cry me a river. Actually, some foreigners bring problems upon themselves with their "holier than thou" attitudes. If you have a negative view of your hosts, leave the house. Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news Foreigners Breaking Corona Rules Could be ‘Deported and Banned for 10 Years’(21 comments)
May 01,2020 19:03

Sorry that you and your friend have found a few issues. Maybe it is your location in China. I have not heard of anything like this from my foreign friends here, or within the expat wechat group. Education companies and schools are especially worried about not getting enough foreign teachers to return to China. Many ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news Foreigners Breaking Corona Rules Could be ‘Deported and Banned for 10 Years’(21 comments)
Apr 17,2020 20:28

Some foreigners seem to forget that we are guests of China. We are not entitled to any special favors. Since we are guests, we are expected to follow house rules. I am not always happy with new policies that are placed on foreigners, but I remember that I am a guest. When I can no longer accept the house rules, I ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news Teaching English in China: The Frustrations of a Foreign Teacher(43 comments)
Apr 19,2018 14:03

WOW!!!! I must work at one of the best schools in China compared to all of these comments and the article. Sure, we have our issues at the school, but nothing like what is portrayed here. Then again, perhaps it is the western mentality that many foreign teachers bring with them and fail to try to adapt to their new ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news Agreement Signed to Allow Filipinos to Teach English in China(11 comments)
Apr 19,2018 13:42

I wonder if the "English Teachers" will be subjected to rigorous documentation verification that most westerners have to go through now days. Because of the tightening of visa requirements for westerners, fewer and fewer teachers are becoming available to work in China. It took one of our teachers three ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news America’s Decline, China’s Chance(5 comments)
Jul 20,2017 07:20

42,000 people polled from 38 countries is not a great sample for a poll. I think your better indicators are from the economic sector and business sector. Who were these people? What were there education levels? How informed were they of international news and information? There is no doubt that China is making huge ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on cwzialor 's blog 12 Types of Foreigners You’ll Definitely Meet in China(10 comments)
Jul 08,2017 14:49

I view the majority of expats in China as "broken". This is said not as a bad thing, but rather as people who felt that they needed more from life than what their home country was offering. Perhaps they could not find the right job to fit their life. Maybe they could not deal with authority over their ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news China English Teaching Horror Stories (54 comments)
Jun 28,2017 21:24

After living in China for five years, I have heard similar horror stories from other teachers. Thankfully, nothing has happened to me. Let me offer this observation about those who have told me their horror stories. The majority of them either brought it upon themselves for not educating themselves enough and doing ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news A Foreigner’s Guide to Buying Vehicles in China(22 comments)
Jun 11,2017 06:43

Some cities no longer allow e-bikes, even though you will see them in the city. I really do not understand this law in some cities considering the pollution cars produce compared to e-bikes. As for motorcycles, I have heard (not verified) that a person needs to have an automobile driver's license for two years prior ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news 4 Common English Learning Issues in China(5 comments)
May 21,2017 08:08

The real problem for ESL teachers is that we usually only get these kids for an hour at most for each class. All the while, they are being taught all the other English skills by Chinese teachers who insist on teaching English in Chinese and passing on their Chinglish to the students. Unless the school's ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news 8 New Teacher Tips from a TEFL Veteran(5 comments)
May 21,2017 07:52

It comes down to culture. It is hard to break down those life-learned, centuries-old barriers. I am assuming that this article is written for training center teachers. When you have a public school class with 40-80 kids, many of these ideas fail. The number one tip I would provide here is Practice, Practice, ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news Tips for Living Well on a Budget in China(13 comments)
May 21,2017 07:34

I think this article is a waste of time. The real reason why this person is having financial problems is that they got married and had a child. A single person can do very well for themselves while saving plenty of money. I agree with most of the comments on here. Especially about working illegally. I do not know ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news 7 Initiatives to Implement International Student Success(5 comments)
May 21,2017 07:22

One of the biggest problems with Chinese "International" schools is the administration of these programs. 99% of these programs are business oriented programs designed to line the pockets of the owners of these programs, the school officials, and government officials. Most parents have to pay to have their ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news Top 7 Financial Tips for Expats in China(8 comments)
May 21,2017 07:06

I agree with #1. You should have medical insurance, especially if you are one of the older expats. Although Chinese healthcare is less expensive than the US, it can eat up your savings if you have a serious illness or accident. International healthcare can cost $1500-$2000 annually. As for investing, I also agree ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news Biting the Bullet: Going to the Dentist in China(16 comments)
May 16,2017 17:29

Two crowns molded and placed on my teeth. Annual cleaning in local clinics. Never a bad experience and the price has always been great. I just wish more Chinese would learn to brush their teeth daily and take better care of their teeth. That is not most frightening part of Chinese dental issues. Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news Quiet, Please! Noise Polllution in China(25 comments)
Jan 29,2016 13:31

I always have to smile to myself when I see and hear westerners getting all bent out of shape because they do not like Chinese culture. TIC people. If you do not like it here, find a door and don't let it smack you on the way out. Plain and simple. The way westerners whine about one thing after another because China ... Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news Spring Festival Travel Guide to Destinations and Buying Train & Airline Tickets(18 comments)
Jan 24,2016 20:33

You forgot bus travel options and policies. Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news Weifang University Students Punished for Holding Hands on Campus (15 comments)
Dec 21,2015 08:01

Sounds like an American Christian university. Full Comment>>

nashboroguy on news Your Stories: Funniest Teaching Experiences in China(13 comments)
Dec 14,2015 22:18

My kids love using the electronic dictionaries for their writing assignments. But, they do not really know how to use the words that they find. On one assignment, they were writing about the different ways boys and girls communicate to one another. Instead of using the word "interact", they found a word ... Full Comment>>

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