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adb2014 on news China Considers Removing English from Compulsory Education(4 comments)
Jun 08,2021 13:17

I see it as the result of rampart nationalism rather than laziness. Kids are being brainwashed into believing that China is the centre of the world and all things Western (including English) is unneccessary and evil. When I came to China, public kindergartens were able to teach English and celebrate Western holidays ... Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news China Considers Removing English from Compulsory Education(4 comments)
Jun 08,2021 12:54

To be honest, I don't think it would make a lot of difference. I've spent a lot of time teaching in public schools and with the exception of some, both teachers and students tolerate rather than enjoy English class.Why constantly force something on them that they really don't want? Let the specialised schools and ... Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news How Foreign Students and Workers in China Get Special Treatment (8 comments)
Oct 10,2020 13:37

What seems to be overlooked is that the 'special treatment' here is nothing out of the ordinary in Western countries who, honestly speaking, are much more developed than most of China. No one from the US, UK or Australia in their right mind would take a difficult exam just to go to a Chinese university where they ... Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news 4 Ways to Spot Job Scams in China(15 comments)
Oct 10,2020 13:30

There would be a lot less teachers working illegally if it didn't take so long to get a visa. Even if you're changing jobs while already in China, there's still a 2-3 month wait until the new work visa is ready. In the meantime, you have bills to pay, rent due and in some cases, kids to raise and your new employer ... Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news How Can China Remedy its Post-Coronavirus Reputation?(15 comments)
May 16,2020 14:55

The lack of PPEs when the virus broke, plus the initial denial and cover-ups proves that China learned absolutely nothing from the SARS virus. There was clearly no plan in place to prevent something like that from ever happening again. It seems they just went right back to their old habits and crossed their fingers, ... Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news How Can China Remedy its Post-Coronavirus Reputation?(15 comments)
May 10,2020 13:14

Um, how about by not starting any more pandemics/epidemics? In this century alone, we've had SARS, bird flu and now COVID-19, all originating in China. With this sort of record, I don't really blame anyone for being angry at them. What I would like to see happen is for China NOT to go back to their old habits. There ... Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news Foreigners Breaking Corona Rules Could be ‘Deported and Banned for 10 Years’(21 comments)
May 04,2020 13:58

If China insists of labeling foreigners as guests, they surely have a responsibility to make them comfortable and treat them with basic courtesy. For example, when people visit your home, you won't insult them, refuse them food or drink or make special house rules designed to embarrass them, would you? Yelling ... Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news Some Schools Reopen in China as Coronavirus Spread Slows(7 comments)
Mar 18,2020 15:13

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the schools in Guangdong open again very soon. Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news Majority of Beijing Expats Working from Home due to Coronavirus (7 comments)
Mar 14,2020 14:57

I'm sure they have access to all the first and even second-tier cities. But we only seem to get reports on BJ and SH, because news outlets just (seem to) assume that most foreigners live there. I live in GZ and it can be frustrating trying to get reliable news and updates for my area. Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news Majority of Beijing Expats Working from Home due to Coronavirus (7 comments)
Mar 11,2020 09:08

People working from home has been common knowledge for a while now. And why focus only on people in Beijing or Shanghai? Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news Renewing Visas, Residence Permits During China’s Coronavirus Epidemic(7 comments)
Feb 25,2020 16:23

Very useful article. I've also been wondering how new arrivals in China register at police stations while they're closed. Are foreigners even able to take up new positions in provinces on lockdown? A follow-up article addressing this would be very useful. Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news 5 Tips for Foreigners Visiting their Partner’s Hometown for Chinese New Year(8 comments)
Feb 18,2020 14:39

Thank God none of this applied to me when I met my wife's family for the first time. And what sort of person brags to other families about how much money their kids give them? Forget proud, relying on my kids for financial support is something I'd be too embarrassed to talk about with others. What pathetic people. Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news 6 China Roommates Nobody Wants to Live With(12 comments)
Feb 14,2020 16:54

Well, that was boring. Giving some real-life examples of housemates from hell would have made the article much more interesting. Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news 5 Bad Habits to Avoid Picking Up as an Expat in China(9 comments)
Feb 11,2020 23:05

6) Constantly slamming this site and its rubbish articles - yet coming back regularly to read and comment on every article. Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news 12 FAQs for Foreigners Working in China(12 comments)
Sep 08,2019 14:29

RE: being laid off. According to labor laws, how long do you need to work for a company to be entitled to severance pay? If a teacher has been there for six months or less, some companies will give the 'you were on probation' excuse to avoid paying anything. Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news 5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Being Headhunted in China(4 comments)
Jun 14,2019 14:27

For me, simply being a Westerner and breathing is usually more than enough to attract head hunters. Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news How to Transfer Your Chinese Work Visa to a New Company(12 comments)
Mar 01,2019 13:18

Memorandum of human relations? Application form for cancellation of foreign work permit? Huh? I'm near the end of the transfer process myself and never had to worry about those. The visa officer from my company at the time took care of that, as well as transferring my existing work permit to the PSB. All I had to do ... Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news 5 Tips for Progressing Quickly When Learning Chinese(3 comments)
Nov 01,2018 15:42

Interesting articles with some good advice. Any chance you could post some links to good sites about studying HSK? Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news 5 Daft Questions Foreigners in China Get Asked(4 comments)
Aug 23,2018 08:04

What, no 'are you from America/are you American?' I get asked this at least three times a week. Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news 5 Things to NOT Do in China(50 comments)
Oct 25,2017 18:05

I disagree with point 4. Hygiene and cleanliness standards in China are so bad, it's no wonder so many people get sick. Even with two major flu epidemics this century, people still eat in filthy restaurants, almost never wash their hands, spit everywhere, let their kids relieve themselves on the street (even if a ... Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news Chinese Woman Gives Birth in Street, Walks Home with Baby(1 comments)
Sep 07,2017 09:11

Geez, that's a pretty rough start to life. I hope that mum and baby are safe and well. Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news Lost in Mistranslation(2 comments)
May 10,2017 22:21

The numbers that always got me were 4 and 10 because the pronunciation for both sounded very similar. They had to use hand signals to help me understand. Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news Tips for Living Well on a Budget in China(13 comments)
Apr 12,2017 15:10

1) The article does not say that PizzaHut is a fantastic experience. It simply says it has better food, atmosphere and value than McDonald's. 2) I personally know a lot of people who still watch DVDs. 3)I can easily increase or decrease the weights on my dumbbells. 4)I am not, and do not encourage anyone to work ... Full Comment>>

adb2014 on news Poll: Americans Like China More Than Russia(7 comments)
Mar 13,2017 13:45

I don't think most Americans would have much love for China, either. Maybe a more accurate title would be 'Americans fear China a little less than Russia' Full Comment>>

adb2014 on adb2014 's blog Why I'm Trying to Lose Friends and Alienate my Co-workers (6 comments)
Mar 06,2017 10:33

It's funny, you're right. Three weeks now and no one has said a thing. And I know for sure that I haven't missed any important announcements, either. Full Comment>>

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