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louischuahm on news Lee Kuan Yew: If China Becomes a Western-style Democracy, It Will Collapse (21 comments)
Mar 31,2015 19:59

Wow...and I am a full blown Singaporean. Well, I suppose everyone has their favorite punching bag when it comes to their own head of government, Obama, Cameron or whoever calls the shot at the moment. Frankly, LKY did what he did when he did it, so who am I to say he was wrong? He did bring Singapore to where it is ... Full Comment>>

louischuahm on news Woman Pretends to be Avalokitesvara, Scams Believer Out of 3.8 million RMB(5 comments)
Oct 18,2014 10:41

I can't understand how a person's faith is measured by the amount of money he hands over. Whether it's a product or a belief, people all over the world are sold on tne idea that possessing these products or beliefs will make one's life more meaningful. Full Comment>>

louischuahm on news Rare Siberian Tiger Released by Putin in Russia Flees Across Chinese Border(8 comments)
Oct 10,2014 20:36

Oh no....before long street peddlers will tout Siberian tiger paws, testicals, bones, brains.....and gullible people will pay top dollar for them.... Full Comment>>

louischuahm on news Jiangxi Woman Shows-Off Drugs on Weibo(6 comments)
Oct 08,2014 19:03

How do you write morons in chinese? Full Comment>>

With the current education system I'm not surprised. Those who can afford will go overseas to get a well rounded education. Those who can't will have to make do. At the rate it's going, those who went overseas will eventually become leaders, the rest just followers. Those who compete their overseas education return ... Full Comment>>

louischuahm on news Unstoppable Dancing Aunties Dance in Aisle of Sleeper Train(8 comments)
Sep 21,2014 09:09

It's an addiction that has no cure. I wonder what the withdrawal symptoms will be like. Seriously, I can understand that apart from tending to the kids and household chores, this is something they look forward to each day but why can't they think of others? Do they really need ghetto blasters to wake the city up? ... Full Comment>>

louischuahm on news New Rules Require Foreign Teachers to Have 5 Years Work Experience(6 comments)
Sep 17,2014 01:26

Looks like they are tightening the noose. On the good side, it's flushes out the fly-by-night "teachers" who are giving the real ones a bad name. On the other hand, it might and probably will kill the supply of foreign teachers. Full Comment>>

louischuahm on news From Foreigners to Celebs: China’s Latest Crackdown on Drugs(18 comments)
Sep 15,2014 00:43

illicit drugs have no place in any country. I can't understand why people need to use drugs just to get a moments high. So many people die from overdose, catch HIV and the like. There is no reason for drug abuse. Full Comment>>

louischuahm on louischuahm 's blog Back to school...(8 comments)
Sep 06,2014 18:00

Thanks Wendy! Yes, this is a nice place and you could consider it if you are looking for a slow paced environment. Full Comment>>

louischuahm on news 5 Ways to Combat Homesickness in China(5 comments)
Sep 01,2014 00:55

If you can get homesick it simply means you are not ready for China. This country has so much to offer and I don't see how one can get bored or homesick. If things start getting to you, move! Go to another city, get a new experience. Every city is different. That's the beauty of China (and the ugly as well). Full Comment>>

louischuahm on louischuahm 's blog Back to school...(8 comments)
Aug 21,2014 12:54

Yes, it's that old city. It's mostly traditional Chinese stuff now, some of them you can get elsewhere but there were some really nice ones. Plus the price is half of what you would pay elsewhere. Still a nice place to visit. Full Comment>>

louischuahm on news Chinese Forrest Gump Reaches Nepal after Epic 5,000km Run(6 comments)
Aug 19,2014 19:51

Every once in a while we get to see such a person demonstrating true grit! Bravo! Full Comment>>

louischuahm on louischuahm 's blog Back to school...(8 comments)
Aug 12,2014 21:32

Thanks Sorrel. Staying positive helps a lot and don't take things thrown at you too hard. It makes work more pleasant and at times quite hilarious when you laugh at yourself for doing some things you would never have done back home. Cheerios! Full Comment>>

louischuahm on louischuahm 's blog Chongqing semester ends...(7 comments)
Aug 04,2014 12:47

Apart from the summer heat, this is a great place to be. Lots of small interesting places to explore on weekends. And yes, if you are not local you'd be stuck to eating hot pot everyday. Full Comment>>

louischuahm on louischuahm 's blog Chongqing semester ends...(7 comments)
Aug 02,2014 01:24

Thanks Sorrel! Hope your time here was as rewarding as I found mine to be. Meantime, hope your holidays will be a blast! Cheerios! Full Comment>>

louischuahm on louischuahm 's blog Chongqing semester ends...(7 comments)
Jul 31,2014 22:09

Thanks Johnny! Actually it's how you look at things. If you are already here, why not make things work for you instead of bitching and ranting about how bad things are, and make yourself miserable? If you take things as they come then you will last longer. Does that make sense? Cheers mate! Full Comment>>

louischuahm on news Dozens Killed in Xinjiang Police Station Attack (3 comments)
Jul 31,2014 14:15

Diver@ I think that's because we've been hearing about Xinjiang too many times, it no longer adds to the shock that we got initially. Probably most of us will say, "oh, are they at it again?" And we will carry on with whatever we left off at. Full Comment>>

louischuahm on louischuahm 's blog Chongqing...two and half months later...(8 comments)
Jul 26,2014 23:03

Sorry matey, took so long to reply. Been busy with semester closing work....students presentation, GPAs, parents' meeting and stuff. Anyway, school's out now so I have some time on my hands. Work's tough but rewarding. Bossman's nice to me, probably because I take care of most of the shit work for him. Today is my ... Full Comment>>

louischuahm on news River in Wenzhou Turns Mysteriously Blood Red (13 comments)
Jul 25,2014 23:10

It's just algae. Happens with the right combination of heat and water condition. Full Comment>>

All said and done, it's the parents' demands and schools (bona fide or otherwise) providing the supply. Demand exceeds supply (legitimate supply I mean) so schools (scammers) grab foreigners off the streets and put them in front of the kids. If you look at some of the advertisements, you'll note that many do not ... Full Comment>>

louischuahm on news Shanghai Flight Cancellations Lead to Spring Festival Level Crowds on Trains (2 comments)
Jul 24,2014 16:21

Great! Carry out a full scale military exercise during the school break and close the air space and railways. Great planning, China! Full Comment>>

louischuahm on news UK Simplifying Visa Applications to Attract More Chinese Tourists(5 comments)
Jul 08,2014 10:34

Good luck UK! You will get hordes of tourists tramping down Oxford St. Just hope your infrastructure will be able to cope with the crowds. We did that in our country and now everyone wants them out. They bring their habits along, spitting, pissing on the brass verge, ayis dancing, rushing to get first in line, your ... Full Comment>>

louischuahm on news Jiangsu Men Jailed for Collecting Ten Tons of Coins for Foreign Money Forgery(6 comments)
Jun 09,2014 22:33

The story doesn't make sense. First, were the coins stolen from somewhere? If they were not, what's wrong with refurbishing them and selling them? If they were stolen, it must have been over a longer period than 9 months surely for 10 tons of coins. Full Comment>>

louischuahm on news The Real Cost of Education in China(11 comments)
Jun 09,2014 01:11

The biggest problem is with the parents who unwittingly listen to all the gossip with their own mahjong groups, high tea sessions and neighbors. Each want their son/daughter to be better than their peers. Recruiters play a big part as well, telling parents AP is better than A levels (if they knew that kids are on a ... Full Comment>>

louischuahm on louischuahm 's blog Chongqing...two and half months later...(8 comments)
Jun 07,2014 23:33

Hi there! Jul and Aug happen to be the hottest months of the year, mercury hitting 45 degrees Celsius. I'd be careful not to get heatstroke if I were you. It'll be hot and dry till after Mid Autumn Festival, then it cools down real fast. Very shirt Spring and Autumn here. And of course you will love the spicy food ... Full Comment>>

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