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louischuahm Aug 23,2014 12:00

Tags: Expat Tales

Come Monday and the madness will be looking for their classes, some will be lost, inevitably. The day begins early with students needing to report to Student Affairs to get their ...

louischuahm Aug 10,2014 00:28

Tags: Teaching & Learning, Expat Tales

So, my 2 week break is almost over. Good thing was that I managed to get all my cooking stuff together and cooked most of the days - pasta, guiness stew, seafood paella, etc, all the food that I ...

louischuahm Jul 27,2014 00:47

Tags: Expat Tales

School's out and everyone has gone home. Some of the kids have gone overseas to the US or UK, probably to check out the universities they wil be going to next year. For me, it's been a hectic four ...

louischuahm May 31,2014 01:16

Tags: Teaching & Learning, Expat Rants & Advice, Expat Tales

It's been two and half months since I last wrote. Been busy all that time putting into place processes for so many tasks. I was wondering what the previous administrator was doing, even simple ...

louischuahm Mar 28,2014 21:43

Tags: Teaching & Learning, Expat Rants & Advice, Expat Tales

One week into my new gig in beautiful Chongqing and all went very well. I've got my Z visa, FEC and RP in my bag...seems lighter than usual, or is it my imagination? I wonder. The university I'm ...

louischuahm Mar 19,2014 18:02

Tags: Business & Jobs, Expat Tales I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to Chongqing. After two and half months languishing in Guangzhou, I finally am going to teach. It's no mean feat for a non native, ...

louischuahm Mar 02,2014 02:33

Tags: Teaching & Learning, Business & Jobs, Expat Rants & Advice

This is a follow up to my previous blog "Why is there a preference for native speakers?" I would like to share my job hunting experience for the past two months. I must first qualify that when I ...

louischuahm Dec 31,2013 16:24

Tags: Visa & Legalities, Business & Jobs, Expat Rants & Advice, Expat Tales

Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against native speakers. It's just an opinion I'd like to share. As we all know, there are many types of English. In the UK alone, there are Irish, ...

About louischuahm

Just made Head of Department for Educational Administration, whatever that means. Teaching Economics and Accounting as well. Good life, good money...what else can I ask for in a ...

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