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smoglife on news 5 Places in China That Will Transport You to Another World(11 comments)
Nov 11,2013 17:08

When will the day come when 'laowai' as a term is a thing of the past, and people are spoken of as 'Russian-Chinese'. Or will it ever come? Full Comment>>

smoglife on news WiFi Anxiety with Chinese Characteristics(5 comments)
Nov 06,2013 09:23

It drives me mad when people have their phone next to them during a meal, and check them every 5 min. I get that guys have to take it out their pockets but women don't need to take it out of their bags. If you do take it out, at least turn it over so that everyone isn't distracted by it flashing Full Comment>>

smoglife on tobie.taljaard 's blog Going to Hong Kong for a Visa(10 comments)
Nov 06,2013 09:12

Thanks for the tip. I've got deal with all that soon. Full Comment>>

smoglife on news Shenyang Boy’s Hand Chopped Off and Cooked by Mother’s Boyfriend (5 comments)
Oct 25,2013 11:45

Oh god, that is so awful. Full Comment>>

smoglife on littlemissmoo 's blog Contact(5 comments)
Oct 25,2013 10:38

Really like your stuff. Keep 'em coming Full Comment>>


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