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DrMonkey on news Overly Tired Student Calls Police on Military Training Instructors (5 comments)
Aug 19,2015 09:01

We don't need an other hhheeeeeeerrrrrrooooo !!! Too tiring. Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news Wuhan University Spends 4 Million Yuan Building Fake Great Wall (19 comments)
Apr 16,2015 23:43

Yet, student needs hot water kettles just to have hot water, and they are 4 to 9 beds per room. Face is everything, your fellow human condition is nothing. Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news IKEA China Bans Sleeping On Store Furniture, Customers Continue to Snooze (16 comments)
Apr 09,2015 16:19

Not blaming you, been there, done that :) Sadly, the routine here is to push each other boundaries, tactical exploitations of loopholes, lowering everybody expectation until it reaches the bottom, thus destroying any hope for civility. I gave up and went back home... Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news IKEA China Bans Sleeping On Store Furniture, Customers Continue to Snooze (16 comments)
Apr 08,2015 18:32

You are new to China, maybe ? A common attitude against law enforcement is to say "don't be so uptight", "it's no big deal", "but somebody else does it". Then, if you insist, it will be "is that so ?! I'm not gonna move then ! what are you going to do now !!!". Always pushing ... Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news Chai Jing’s Air Pollution Documentary Seen as Landmark in Environmental Campaigning (12 comments)
Mar 04,2015 17:45

Buying more air purifiers, thus increasing the usage of electricity, thus increasing the usage of coal, thus increasing the air pollution levels. Some didn't pay attention the later part of the documentary (The "what we can do ?" bit)... Ho, and you can frankly debate, but you should not point fingers in ... Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news Xi Jinping: The Governance Of China(12 comments)
Mar 04,2015 13:30

Back in the late 70's and the 80's, in the Eastern Block countries, ecological concern played a vital role for uniting people and creates a sense of public accountability and more generally, creating the seeds of a civil society. Careful, Xi, that smog is not good for you. Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news Chinese Pay for Expensive Japanese Rice: Turns Out it’s from Liaoning (4 comments)
Mar 04,2015 09:02

The "Chinese so clever" approach to everything always bite you in the ass later... As I overheard in some conversations : "use Chinese are *too* clever". Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news French Man’s Organs Save 4 Lives in China (24 comments)
Feb 27,2015 22:25

"Made in France" always carry that je ne sais quoi... That's the greatest way to live the scene. Repose en paix. Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news Chasing the China Dream: How to Find a Good Job in China(31 comments)
Feb 26,2015 09:53

Step #1 of a good job in China is : get a good (at least Master) degree in something China have a demand that local job market can not satisfy. Flexibility means "We don't have actual plans, just wishes, make it happen". Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news Teachers at Jiangsu Middle School Protest after Being Forced to Take Exams (19 comments)
Feb 09,2015 07:31

@wattaman It's pretty much how it works in China too. If you come for an improvement, you will be bitterly disappointed. Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news WHO: 25 Percent of Cancer Deaths Occur in China (3 comments)
Feb 05,2015 20:49

In case of "it's normal, China have a lot of people" : China's population represents less than 20% of the world population, by a large margin. Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news Developers in Henan Block Road into the Village to Force Residents to Move(6 comments)
Feb 05,2015 20:44

They didn't get the memo about the Chinese Dream... Big Xi gonna strike thunder on them ! While eating a bao zi in a hole-in-the-whole in Beijing. Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news Julien Malland’s Graffiti Removed by Authorities(10 comments)
Feb 02,2015 08:36

Yesterday, on CCTV 13, the paintings were shown and commented as a great piece of art that embellished Shanghai. the destruction of the paintings was very quickly mentioned, and no explanations was given. If it was for the security of the site, well... The site is still accessible, so if the site was insecure, then ... Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news Julien Malland’s Graffiti Removed by Authorities(10 comments)
Feb 02,2015 08:32

Would you mind explaining why the paintings had to be removed ? Instead of approving without even thinking 1 minute about it. I can explain why an artist want to avoid an art gallery : to make his art very accessible (few people ever stepped in art gallery), and to keep his edge (as an artist become famous, (s)he ... Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news Rain and Snow to Sweep Central and Eastern China over Next 3 Days(3 comments)
Jan 28,2015 17:09

Mariana Trench is very humid place Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on ossey7 's blog An African English teacher in China (36 comments)
Jan 28,2015 17:03

Dated to April 2009, posted in 2015. Is it a post by Denis DNT from Cameroon or Somuah Osei from Ghana ? is a blog dated to 2014 full of spam posts. Confusing... Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news Advisors Call for Stricter Regulation of Internet Slang(1 comments)
Jan 27,2015 18:01

The Thought Police. Neuter and erase any creativity, and then wonder why people are not very creative. I prefer the Sergent's Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band... Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news Chef Threatens Suicide after Scolding for Too Salty Food(8 comments)
Jan 21,2015 18:07

His feeling were hurt, totally reasonable and mature reaction. If anybody disagree with my opinion, my feeling will be hurt and I will jump from the 13th floor of my building. Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news China's Bad Air Scaring Away Foreign Tourists(27 comments)
Jan 20,2015 11:47

Even if action is taken seriously right now, it will need years before the effect are seen. 70% of electricity is made with coal : you don't replace 70% of your electric production in one year. Most buildings are not insulated, pushing electric usage high (for air-con) : you won't insulate all the buildings of China ... Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news Wuhan Mother has Abortion Due to Daughter’s Suicide Threats(16 comments)
Jan 20,2015 11:38

Of course everyone have pressure, it's not special to China. Having pressure does not mean you have to yield every time you feel under pressure. If saying "no" to a kid is too much pressure, you are going to be a push-over your whole life. A kid needs boundaries, it's the role of the parent to define those ... Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on hadleyj09 's blog Life in China (Challenges / Annoyances)(16 comments)
Jan 14,2015 16:11

People told you all those things a year ago, in your first posts. Imagine your own experience, but after a few years more, with the locals being in denial, and with the additional things like wanting/having a kid. You can see where it all come from, now ;) Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news No Car, No House, No Problem? The Ups and Downs of Transnational Marriages in China(42 comments)
Jan 13,2015 12:08

I can point you a good dozen blogs of Western women happily married to a Chinese man, living in China. None of them are "losers back home", by a long shot. You can read their blogs, you'll see they are not blind about life in China. Just a subset: ... Full Comment>>

DrMonkey on news Associate Professor Exposed for Forcing Students to Give Gifts(8 comments)
Jan 08,2015 08:07

I knew a teacher in my department that was sub-renting students to companies as "interns"... Fortunately, students spoke, the director fired that teacher without much pondering or ceremony. Full Comment>>

Those students usually fail hard, I've seen when I was studying myself : they are terribly unprepared for a typical public Western university. At least in science, you can't pass the semester exams with just rote learning and cheating. You can bring books at the exam : you are asked to remember formulas, but to ... Full Comment>>

If you work as a lecturer in a public Chinese university (which is a typical starting position for a PhD), you get 5000 RMB. You get perks like free accommodation, better than average schooling for the kids, welfare scheme, etc. So a common arrangement for married couples is : one works in a public university to get ... Full Comment>>

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