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mike4u on news Shenzhen Workers Create Stripping Challenge to Protest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge(19 comments)
Aug 30,2014 17:41

another bunch of crazy people who do anything to get into limelight Full Comment>>

mike4u on news Nine Powerful Chinese Goods on the Global Market(13 comments)
Aug 29,2014 10:12

i never heard of warrior shoes, i think these are the shoes made of cloth,old chinese guys wear it, Full Comment>>

mike4u on news Guo Meimei Facing Possible Ten Year Prison Term (3 comments)
Aug 22,2014 13:11

only ten years for ruining red cross society and others crimes,even after confession? Full Comment>>

mike4u on Neha.p 's blog What it means to be a foreigner in China.(16 comments)
Mar 12,2014 15:49

they are obssessed with westerners specially with americans Full Comment>>

mike4u on news What You Need to Know About Transferring Money Overseas From China(30 comments)
Nov 23,2013 09:50

try Citic bank of china, its cheaper(120 rmb or less per transaction upto 50K rmb) and faster and you can exchange more 2000 usd . Full Comment>>

mike4u on Samsara 's blog Chinese Self-Perception(24 comments)
Sep 16,2013 10:20

mike4u on news Teaching English in China: The Frustrations of a Foreign Teacher(43 comments)
Sep 16,2013 09:31

i agree with him, the schools hire teachers just based on their skin color and fool parents and students Full Comment>>

mike4u on news Bargain Shopping in Suzhou: Everything You Need to Know in a Nutshell(2 comments)
Sep 13,2013 09:04

thnaks for such good info Full Comment>>


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