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ambivalentmace on news Beijing Rejects Canada’s Explanation of ‘Offensive’ Wuhan T-Shirts(5 comments)
Feb 06,2021 21:40

The truth always offends people,ignoring this is better for public relations, but a face culture has to be offended by a third party to deflect from the incompetent power structure that creates this mess. Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news China’s Education Ministry Vows to Fight ‘Feminization’ of Boys(5 comments)
Feb 03,2021 08:22

I think its the tofu diet giving them too much estrogen, but soy also does the same thing. Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news New COVID Control and Quarantine Measures for Beijing and Shanghai(3 comments)
Jan 25,2021 02:04

should that be re-imported cases from patient zero, or are they still trying to deflect blame from the origin. Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news An Anger Management Masterclass for Expats in China(11 comments)
Dec 16,2020 08:25

I have never heard of anger management classes for Chinese citizens, because this never happens in the land of heaven on earth, must be an urban myth. Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news 5 ‘Weird’ Chinese Habits that will Actually Improve Your Health(42 comments)
Nov 27,2020 10:56

Although sugar in desserts is less, this is a function of supply and demand. There is not enough sugar for 1.4 billion people to consume it at the same rate as Americans for example. The land for growing a supply is limited and America has the sugar cane fields of South Florida and exports a lot of sugar. The ... Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news Flights Cancelled at Shanghai’s Pudong Airport After COVID Outbreak(7 comments)
Nov 26,2020 07:18

convenient to blame this on a foreign container, when it started in China, whatever makes you sleep at night safely I suppose Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news Popping the Question? The Rules of Engagements in China(10 comments)
Oct 11,2020 23:57

enjoy your money, don't support a woman all of your life with it and die with nothing so she can tour the world on your money. my point was living to support a woman and kids is a trap for men that has no exit and no upside, just an early death unless you are one of lucky ones that live pass 80. The women don't have ... Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news Popping the Question? The Rules of Engagements in China(10 comments)
Oct 10,2020 20:47

Buy a house, promise all your hard money to the wife, get a little nookie 2 or 3 times a month and you will be the next corporate or government slave to keep the peaceful harmony going for another generation. Thanks , but no thanks. GO MGTOW and have some fun. Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news 6 Risks Not Worth Taking as a Foreigner in China(11 comments)
Oct 05,2020 04:09

Since I don't live in China anymore, I only paid taxes for 2 years of 10 and never had health insurance. Open heart surgery is only 68 thousand rmb in Jinan, just have a nest egg and skip the insurance, my xrays were a 125 rmb and you get to take your medical records with you since you paid for them unlike most ... Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news Foreign Teachers in China May Be Permitted to Take Part-Time Jobs(10 comments)
Aug 28,2020 07:02

Supply and demand, plain and simple, along with a little Karma for good measure. Full Comment>>

So just do a good 40 hours without your phone at work and no surfing on the internet. Most of the long hours are actually unproductive, smoke breaks, checking email, etc. Just deduct the phone time and surfing time from the total and pay them the difference and then see who the workaholic really is in the office. Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news 6 Top Hiking and Climbing Spots in China(4 comments)
Jul 31,2020 06:53

Mount Taishan is a great hike overnight, cold even in June, check in a walk up at 2 am to see the sunrise. 20 minutes by fast train from Jinan. Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news Beijing School Given Permission to Bring Back Stranded Foreign Teachers(6 comments)
Jul 22,2020 09:13

I guess the students of CCP members in power have some power after all. Interesting. Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news Parts of Beijing Return to Lockdown After COVID-19 Spike(3 comments)
Jun 17,2020 08:36
comment|77480|93487 squat toilets rule the day again Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news China to Issue More Long-Term Visas and Green Cards to Foreigners (14 comments)
Jul 19,2019 07:25

Let's give a little to gain a lot, if it fails to our advantage, we will give a little more, the parasite riding the host for all they can get short of death, let you recover, and ride you again, that's how you gain over 5000 years with as little effort as possible off the resources of the rest of the world. This ... Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news 5 Awesome Free Online Resources for Foreign ESL Teachers in China(9 comments)
May 30,2019 18:31
comment|76005|93487, former examiner from australia almost 3000 2 paragraph lessons for reading listening speaking varied topics short and easy. different levels of vocabulary for the same stories. Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news China Facing Big Data Talent Shortage (3 comments)
May 22,2019 12:25

Copying software and technology is hard work, especially when the copied stuff is outdated and useless when you finally master the principles and nobody wants to use it or buy it anymore. Evolution in technology is faster than a season of a tv series. Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news Lessons I’ve Learned After 8 Years Living and Working in China(9 comments)
May 19,2019 09:09

Don't learn too much Mandarin, as soon as you understand daily conversations and how trivial and of no substance they really are, you will become a hermit and avoid social constructs entirely unless they are compulsory. Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news 7 of the Best Western Restaurant Chains in China(4 comments)
May 08,2019 16:33

Coca Cola bought Costa Coffee and plans to enter the market, so shorting all other coffee stocks over the long term is probably a good idea. Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news Chinese Employers Banned From Asking Female Applicants About Family Status(9 comments)
Apr 24,2019 07:51

Shaking down companies with recordings actually could be a good living in China, no worse than a tea scam, but I do hope it happens, phone cameras and recorders has changed the meaning of compliance and brought it to a new level. Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news Tech Bosses Defend Excessive Overtime in the Chinese Workplace(5 comments)
Apr 24,2019 07:46

Let's work hard and make lots of money and pass our delinquent rich kids off on foreigners at international schools to raise for us, send them to the west to set up trusts accounts through Hong Kong and get all the money we can before the whole system crashes. In the case of Ma and the Wanda Plaza king, pay off the ... Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news 7 Things Foreigners in China Should Never Say to a Local(11 comments)
Apr 24,2019 07:39

Have no Chinese friends except those required for family and work obligations, in most cases they are not worth the trouble anyway and will only cost your grief and aggravation. Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news Why The Gaokao Test Makes Little Sense to Foreign Teachers in China(3 comments)
Apr 24,2019 07:31

The pain starts after the gaokao, no control of your future, I'm sorry to major in English you needed a 640, but you can major in urban planning, or perhaps find a different university to attend. I'm trying to understand your application for Mizzow here in Missouri, so you went to a college that let you major in ... Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news Chinese Employers Banned From Asking Female Applicants About Family Status(9 comments)
Mar 29,2019 17:35

Making the law and enforcing the law are 2 different things in China. Full Comment>>

ambivalentmace on news Companies Offer Singles Working in China Time Off to Find Love(4 comments)
Jan 27,2019 13:27

Why do I get the impression the men will spend more time doing price comparison of sex dolls rather than socializing, why is that my first thought? Hey Mom, while you are at the mall, pick me up a wife just like you, only 20 years younger, thanks. Full Comment>>

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