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optical5 on news Concerned About Food Safety? You Should Be.(13 comments)
Jul 12,2015 21:11

Nice advertorial. Full Comment>>

optical5 on news Analyze, Not Memorize? Chinese Student Struggles in U.S. Chinese Language Class (22 comments)
Jun 24,2015 09:15

It's not about logic as usual. It's about the "us versus them" mentality that Chinese nationalism is constantly blathering about. It doesn't matter who you are, where you are from, or where you are now, as long as you aren't Chinese you are a "foreigner". Full Comment>>

Can we all just accept that anything from "Wenxue City" is just complete BS and should be ignored? Full Comment>>

optical5 on news Analyze, Not Memorize? Chinese Student Struggles in U.S. Chinese Language Class (22 comments)
Jun 17,2015 13:13

This always bothered me. I have since concluded after discussing it with a number of people that the word 'foreigner' in Chinese does not in fact mean, "person from another country", but instead just means, "not Chinese". It's confusing, but that's just what the word means here. Full Comment>>

optical5 on DaqingDevil 's blog Teaching Kids in China (3) - Summer Classes(5 comments)
Aug 02,2013 08:42

I used to be really hardcore about students hitting me. Before I would start a job I would tell the boss of the school that if any student hits me, that I will walk out and take a fifteen minute "break". If the hit was hard enough, I would just go home, and I still required that I would get full pay. If ... Full Comment>>

optical5 on news The “Unfriendly” Expats? Stereotypes of Russians in China(51 comments)
May 24,2013 13:10

As a university student where most of my classmates are Russian (or Ukrainian), I can say that they never want to do any socializing with people from other countries, always speak only Russian with each other, and either do extremely well or extremely poor on their tests/classwork. I can't say this applies to ... Full Comment>>

optical5 on news Prepared for Take Off: What’s Behind China’s Airport Boom?(1 comments)
Feb 15,2013 15:22

Pudong is easily one of the worst airports I have ever seen and that includes numerous destinations across the globe. There are only hard, cold metal benches to sit on, absolutely no recognizable food brands i.e. KFC (The only "restaurants" they do have are massively overpriced in the order of 1000% and ... Full Comment>>


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