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Gabbzh666 on news Budget Shanghai: Living on 10,000 Yuan Per Month(24 comments)
Feb 01,2016 22:22

I'm very agree with you. I had good plan in the past. I earned like 12 000 + accomodation to work in Weifang (small city in shandong). I could save a lot of money. it's actually like if you earn 20 000rmb in shanghai. Full Comment>>

Gabbzh666 on news Just a Job: Are Teachers Settling?(17 comments)
Feb 01,2016 21:37

Interesting article. I do think you only see a small part of education field. I didn't choose to be teacher but i choose to work in education field. That's very different because in France education job is very large and can bring you to around 40 different kind of job. Before, being a teacher I worked as community ... Full Comment>>

Gabbzh666 on news How to Find a Job in China as a “Non-native” Expat(60 comments)
Jan 30,2016 20:13

well, for my part, I worked already 7 years before in education field as community worker specialist in alternative pedagogies for kids and teenagers. So it was a piece of cake for me to teach in China because my experience as community worker. However, If i had to do again some courses I did in China I would do it ... Full Comment>>

Gabbzh666 on news How to Find a Job in China as a “Non-native” Expat(60 comments)
Jan 25,2016 18:15

Well, I taught french and english during few years in China. it was during the golden times in China before it became so tough to get a working visa there. Anyway, about half of native teachers in China are really not good teachers and have any specific training or any specific curriculum to teach. Because the fact ... Full Comment>>

Gabbzh666 on news Live Music, Crepes and Cider at the Britanny Inter-Celtic Festival May 17(1 comments)
May 07,2014 03:15

Great event! I'm from Britanny! However, usually they also have a britanny party a day before or after in Qingdao. I did the one in Qingdao once. Full Comment>>

Gabbzh666 on news Labor Activist Charged for Yue Yuen Strike (8 comments)
May 03,2014 18:53

It's normal to protest and struggle for better workers rights. It's only by a long fight they'll can improved there social rights. All my heart is with them! Full Comment>>

Gabbzh666 on news Experiencing “Real China”: Being the Token Foreigner in a Fourth Tier City(22 comments)
Apr 30,2014 11:33

Interesting experience but I could say it's still a big city compare to some places I taught. I Taught in Wenling (zhejiang) where you probably got less than 100 000 people. That is the real china. It's like the countryside. Full Comment>>

Gabbzh666 on news Chengdu Wedding Parties Plagued by Elderly Hongbao Snatchers (20 comments)
Apr 30,2014 00:05

Easy to solve that issues. just don't respect that stupid tradition of Hongbao. that's it! Full Comment>>

Gabbzh666 on news East is East: Overseas Chinese Returning to China(12 comments)
Apr 23,2014 02:34

Interesting article. For sure, I can understand ABC need to understand where they come from, their roots. It's a great opportunity for them. However, I guess this cultural bridge will never be complete until china become a democracy and a country where the freedom of speech will be the rules. Perhaps, environment is ... Full Comment>>

Gabbzh666 on louischuahm 's blog Why is There a Preference for Native Speakers?(6 comments)
Jan 15,2014 23:04

Well, I'm French and i taught english and french during about 3 years in different chinese cities. I don't have an academic curriculum (never went to university). I worked about 7 years before teaching in China as a community worker specialist of children and teenagers. I'm also specialist of alternative pedagogies. ... Full Comment>>

Gabbzh666 on news One Third Of Chinese Men Won’t Marry a Woman With a PhD, Why Not?(35 comments)
Jan 15,2014 22:39

Interesting article. However, it's not very new phenomenon in China. I heard much stories like that in the past few years. Chinese mentality is really too narrow minded and so much conventional. I would be happy to have such woman. It would be a woman can develop a critical thinking and debate with arguments (very ... Full Comment>>

Gabbzh666 on news The Willing Mute: Why Many Expats Don't Speak Chinese(66 comments)
Jul 20,2012 22:37

Interesting article. However, it's not only like that in China, I spent 2 month in thailand before and met many foreigners live there since years but can't speak thai for the same reason. Unfortunately many expats like to stay in a group of person and environment where they don't need to learn the language of the ... Full Comment>>

Gabbzh666 on news Double Standards: Are Chinese Nicer to Foreigners than to Each Other?(46 comments)
Jul 19,2012 21:23

Nice article. By the way, in my opinion and experience in all china after 6 years in this country, it's really more trouble to be foreigners than to be chinese. Many other examples can easilly let chinese worst and not nicer at all: 1) you're waiting in a queue and many chinese pass before yo without waiting and ... Full Comment>>

Gabbzh666 on news I Can't Take You Anywhere: 6 Things Not To Do in China(61 comments)
Feb 22,2012 00:23

Keep the face is one thing i call be hypocrite in China. just fake attitude like many things in public in China! better to be straight that's all. it creates less problem than in Chinese way. Full Comment>>


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