CanadaMonkey on news A Balanced Look at China’s Education System(4 comments)

Mar 20,2023 02:46 comment|87606|72550

China's system is far superior to anything the West has got at this point. If the kids are learning Science and Math, they've already got kids here beat who think that 1+1 = Racism. The kids in the Chinese system are better educated and more well equipped to deal with reality than most Western teachers and that's no ... Full Comment>>

CanadaMonkey on adb2014 's blog The Reality of Raising Kids in China.(15 comments)

Mar 20,2023 02:43 comment|87604|72550

If you think that's bad, wait till you get back to OZ and the government tells you your boys are now girls and if you don't like it, you can kick rocks in jail. Stay there and count your blessings. Full Comment>>

CanadaMonkey on news The Reality of Marrying into a Chinese Family(4 comments)

Mar 20,2023 02:40 comment|87602|72550

Marrying my wife was the best thing that ever happened to me. Before I met my wife I had managed to save 400 USD in a bank account. 15 years on I'm retired. Full Comment>>

CanadaMonkey on news The Guilt of Being an Overpaid Foreign Teacher in China(11 comments)

Oct 18,2021 21:38 comment|81562|72550

You should probably feel guilty if you suck as a teacher and are only doing it to avoid flipping burgers at home. In my case, I'm worth every penny and I've been doing it my whole life. "If you're good at something, never do it for free" - The Joker Full Comment>>

Wow, and my wife's family went ballistic when they thought I might NOT marry her. Times they are a changin. Full Comment>>


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