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tauney on news ‘Red Flags’ to Watch Out for When Working in China(36 comments)
Jun 05,2014 11:51

About the "working hours" bit, that's not necessarily true. In Guangxi province, all my classes have been between 35 minutes (public primary classes) and 1.5 hours (at my private training center). I had a real working visa at both jobs. The most common class length here is 40 minutes. Full Comment>>

tauney on news The Largest Shopping Complex in Nanning Opened on Jan 10(2 comments)
Jan 16,2014 20:38

Why is the address in English? Translating Chinese street addresses into English is utterly pointless. Full Comment>>

tauney on news CCTV Criticizes Starbucks For Higher Prices in Mainland China(8 comments)
Oct 23,2013 10:12

I've actually mentioned this many times before when discussing Chinese economics with friends back home. I'm sure the barristas at Chinese Starbucks are making significantly less per hour than their North American counterparts. Starbucks also controls its costs by manufacturing its own machinery and products, so one ... Full Comment>>

tauney on news A Killer Hangover: China’s Problem with Fake Alcohol(14 comments)
Aug 30,2013 09:26

I had the worst hangover once, living in Beihai, after having two gin and tonics at the club. I was in bed sick for a day and a half with a splitting headache and I couldn't keep anything down. My school "invited themselves in" to my apartment to see if I would be going to work that day...they were treated ... Full Comment>>

tauney on news A Day at the Barber Shop: Getting a Haircut in China(10 comments)
Aug 18,2013 11:25

Another issue is that they have zero idea about how to deal with naturally curly hair. A friend of mine who had beautiful curls ended up leaving the salon in tears, sporting an Afro, because they didn't know how much to cut off. My hair's naturally wavy and they very seldomly dry my hair completely, so in the ... Full Comment>>

tauney on news The Price of Marriage in China: Infographic Shows Astounding Data(5 comments)
Jun 11,2013 11:11

You guys need to edit that infographic...ankie brocelet? nockloce? Full Comment>>

tauney on news Forrest Gump: Man Visits Every Chinese Province During 26-Year Mega Run(1 comments)
May 26,2013 19:24

Run, Forrest, run! Full Comment>>

tauney on news The “Unfriendly” Expats? Stereotypes of Russians in China(51 comments)
May 23,2013 09:55

You raise a really good point. It damages the reputation of foreign women in general, in fact. My friends and I went out to a club the other night and they had some "foreign entertainment" (ie. Russian strippers). When my girlfriend and I went to the washroom, we were propositioned, and she was groped by ... Full Comment>>

tauney on news Poorly Parked BMW Spray-Painted with Insults by Angry Passersby (7 comments)
May 09,2013 10:25

Drivers here are such arseholes. Some rich d-bag almost backed over me on my bicycle the other day, with onlookers shouting and trying to stop him. I threw my bike out of the way, and banged on his driver's side window. I yelled at him and he just waved and gave a stupid smirk! If I saw that guy again I'd do worse ... Full Comment>>

tauney on news Chomp Chomp: Guangzhou Supermarket Selling Crocodile Meat?! (8 comments)
May 09,2013 10:19

Crocodiles aren't exactly endangered. And it's not just Guangzhou--you can also get crocodile in Nanning, Guangxi. Southern Chinese eat everything. :D Full Comment>>

tauney on news 5 Things I’ve Learned About China That I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self(33 comments)
May 02,2013 21:19

I've struck a fairly good balance between the expat bubble and the "real-China-experience", I think. I go to the foreign bar with my coworkers and friends, drink red wine at home and cook some western comfort food occasionally. The rest of the time, I enjoy a lot of good Chinese meals with my boyfriend's ... Full Comment>>

tauney on news Grapes of Wrath: 600% Mark-up for Imported Wine in China(2 comments)
May 01,2013 09:54

I noticed this from my first day in China. Most recently I went to a French wine shop near my home and noted that what sells as a cheap table wine (around 5 euros), was being sold here as "high-end" at over 600yuan per bottle. JUst because it says "chateau" on it, doesn't mean it's good! I've ... Full Comment>>

tauney on news Food Safety in China: From the Field to Your Dinner Plate(6 comments)
Apr 27,2013 10:25

Great article! You really delved into the food safety issues in China. We can only hope that they step up the game and find a way to nip that kind of opportunism in the bud. Full Comment>>

tauney on news Chinese Smartphone Buyer’s Guide for Q1 2013(10 comments)
Mar 20,2013 10:23

I've got a Huawei phone and have the same problem: no google app works on it. It doesn't even register when I go through the google play website and try to register my phone, though it's a popular enough model. I suspect socio-political tensions with China and Google Inc. are to blame, but I'd love to be able to use ... Full Comment>>

tauney on darkstar1 's blog Dodgy Beer – How I Learned the Hard Way(2 comments)
Feb 08,2013 22:20

That's happened to me...with the same goddamned beer! I'll never drink Yanjing again if I can help it. Full Comment>>

tauney on news Elderly Gay Couple Tie the Knot in Beijing(7 comments)
Feb 01,2013 20:52

so cute! A step in the right direction Full Comment>>

tauney on news How to Successfully Switch ESL Jobs in China(34 comments)
Jan 30,2013 22:38

Yes and yes...find a new job and get them on it ASAP. I almost got screwed by not having everything ready on time. In the end, it took 2 months to get my new visa, during which time I was on a temporary residence permit. You do need a release letter, assuming that you have a foreign expert's certificate, and not just... Full Comment>>

tauney on news How to Successfully Switch ESL Jobs in China(34 comments)
Jan 30,2013 22:36

sorry, I took a long time to answer--I only just noticed your reply. I got the information from this website, actually! And I experienced it myself--I got a visa form from the visa offices here in Nanning that said I was to go ... Full Comment>>

tauney on news Learning from Experience: Realizations about China Expat-hood(11 comments)
Jan 21,2013 16:46

How did you get "stuck" here? I had the opposite experience with friends and family, as did a lot of others I talk to. Parents/friends/family/coworkers that are terrified and think China is this ridiculously backward place where everything will kill you. But then you get here and you find that it's a ... Full Comment>>

tauney on news How to Successfully Switch ESL Jobs in China(34 comments)
Dec 29,2012 21:06

From what I read, it is still possible to get the work visa from Hong Kong, but only a certain number of people per year are now allowed to do this. Full Comment>>

tauney on news How to Successfully Switch ESL Jobs in China(34 comments)
Dec 28,2012 10:47

everyone has a different situation. my switch from old job to new job was pretty hellish. i had a z visa with my old job but it turned out they had given me a work permit, not a foreign expert's certificate, and the visa was only valid for 11 months, ending on the day my contract ended. the old school didnt involve ... Full Comment>>

tauney on news A Royal Flush: Exploring the Paradoxes of China’s Toilet Culture(41 comments)
Oct 08,2012 19:26

Hey! I encountered one of those concrete rooms one day, as well. Yuck! The "trench" in mine was only two inches deep, there was no running water, and it's a damned good thing I didn't have to poo. And as for hygiene, I agree. Some people are squeaky clean. Others, even those who can afford to wear clean ... Full Comment>>

tauney on news The Joke’s on You: Differences in American and Chinese Humor(28 comments)
Oct 08,2012 19:10

Hate to say it, but the younger guys here seem to adore Jackass. Their sense of humour may be "evolving", but I'm pretty sure that one's a step in the wrong direction. Full Comment>>

tauney on news Last Call: 5 Reasons to Scale Back Your Alcohol Consumption in China(17 comments)
Sep 29,2012 16:07

I'm pretty sure I fell victim to the fake booze at a so-called "high class" establishment. It was, of course, suspiciously cheap...35rmb for a gin and tonic-- and it's served in a pint glass. It tasted fine...but of course, lemon and tonic water go a long way to covering up real tastes. I had one of those ... Full Comment>>

tauney on news What are You, Five? Chinese Women and Sa Jiao(65 comments)
Jul 26,2012 19:22

I'm in the same's a little complicated because i make a lot more money than he does. I do ask his help for a lot of things, particularly language stuff since my Chinese is atrocious, so I think that makes him feel important and needed. I buy expensive things for myself and sometimes I insist on paying the ... Full Comment>>


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