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rasklnik on news Mazel Tov! Chinese Kaifeng Jews to Start New Lives in Israel (15 comments)
Mar 07,2016 09:56

Why am I not surprised there are nasty people around here? Full Comment>>

rasklnik on news China Releases Detained Swedish Rights Activist Peter Dahlin(5 comments)
Jan 28,2016 13:11

most likely he said whatever he had to to save his co-workers who didn't have deportation as an option. In other word, he took all the blame so his friends could get off for free. As Solzhenistysn said, "A man who flinches at nothing will say anything to save his friends and family." Full Comment>>

rasklnik on mindmatters 's blog Winter is here, is there a way to stay positive?(4 comments)
Jan 04,2016 09:23

Because banality, prepositions, and cliche make us feel better every time...What's wrong with winter? Take Vitamin D or play in the snow. Drink Vodka. Go to Thailand. But don't do this stuff... Full Comment>>

rasklnik on news “Will You Have Children?” Young Female Grads Face Sexism on the Job Hunt(16 comments)
Dec 08,2015 14:23

I actually dislike women in the workforce in the sense that doubling the amount of labor (unless you double the amount of jobs) leads to lower salaries...The high standard of living of Americans in the 1950's and 60's was related to not only the post war boom but also women leaving the factories. As we have fewer ... Full Comment>>

rasklnik on news Auchan Supermarkets in Russia to Replace Turkish Imports with Chinese (18 comments)
Dec 05,2015 11:45

Erdogan must have been high as a kite...Who shoots doen Russian planes? What is this the 50's? A U2 without the Bono? Full Comment>>

rasklnik on news Police Drug Test 300 Students at Well-known Beijing Music School, Dozens Arrested(33 comments)
Nov 27,2015 13:58

This seems like it should be illegal...I mean, how can you just decide to drag in some random students and drug test them? It's a university, not a night club raid. Full Comment>>

rasklnik on news Winter Wonderland: China’s Best Cold Weather Snacks(4 comments)
Nov 03,2015 17:48

Nothing here is wrong...but it's like information anybody who has been here 6 months or more already knows... Full Comment>>

rasklnik on news 60% of Chinese Millennials Love Halloween but Know Nothing about its Origins(9 comments)
Nov 02,2015 13:15

Frankly, I'm not sure how much 'culture' there is behind a mish-mash of Catholic Hold Days, Celtic Paganism, Walpurgis Nacht and Casper the Friendly Ghost with Slasher Movie and eating candy...I mean it isn't like we are talking about Easter or Bastille Day...If there was ever a holiday that is, insipid, it's ... Full Comment>>

rasklnik on news ‘Red Flags’ to Watch Out for When Working in China(36 comments)
Sep 15,2015 10:11

Personally you should work for a university or a high school directly...anybody else is going to work you too hard or cheat you...been doing this 7 years... Full Comment>>

rasklnik on news Man has Issues While Trying to Bring 12 Bottles of Duty Free Whiskey on Flight (4 comments)
Sep 06,2015 00:01

guy is an matter how much duty free liquor you still have topay duty when you import it...the limit for china is 2L. Full Comment>>

rasklnik on cherrielou 's blog Jennifer Lawrence Tops Forbes List of Highest-Paid Film Actresses of 2015(4 comments)
Sep 02,2015 10:09

The World is sitting on the brink of WW3, Russia is in Ukraine, NATO is freaking out, Refugees flee Africa and the Middle East, China terrorizes its neighbors, and you want to talk about an ACTRESS!? Full Comment>>

rasklnik on news Conquer China: Become a Schwarzman Scholar(8 comments)
Aug 29,2015 20:19

I remember reading something else by this author. He's well known as a fifth columnist/useful idiot. Even though several universities have banned confuzing institution (aka CCP brainwashing programs) this author swears by them. I wonder if all the free trips to China have changed his mind. Perhaps he should contact ... Full Comment>>

rasklnik on news Cool Cucumbers: Pai Huanggua Now Trendy in NYC(5 comments)
Aug 27,2015 19:08

CHina town has Chinese Food...this is news? Full Comment>>

rasklnik on news Government Reminds Foreign Tourists to Stay Out of Military Zones(3 comments)
Aug 27,2015 17:14

Start your war already... Full Comment>>

rasklnik on news Polish IAAF Athlete Leaves Gold Medal in Beijing Cab after Night of Drinking (3 comments)
Aug 26,2015 21:28

How much alcohol does it take to get a Polish hammer thrower to polish his pole? Full Comment>>

rasklnik on news Lessons in Chinese Slang: Still Single? Don't Be a “Light Bulb” (11 comments)
Aug 08,2015 14:39

As an intellectual, I refuse to be known as a bro. Full Comment>>

rasklnik on news China to Train Five Thousand Football Coaches(12 comments)
Jul 07,2015 09:03

You know what, based on their olympic program (which is the soviet program just with more money) I's say China can dominate pretty much anything except baseball. Full Comment>>

rasklnik on news Foreign Professor Advises Party to Change its Name(28 comments)
Jul 03,2015 12:52

I understand how a Computer Scientist, or Nuclear Physicist may be willing to overlook the 'abuses' of the CCP for a nice job at one of the big universities here. But this guy teaches philosophy? How does he deal with the whole death of Socrates thing? "Remember class, sometimes it is good to kill smart people ... Full Comment>>

rasklnik on ManGod 's blog Understanding culture and respecting the differences...(11 comments)
Jun 19,2015 12:19

What a waste of space, even if the internet is free. Full Comment>>

rasklnik on Sairaab 's blog 5 things, that are necessary for English teaching job in China,(10 comments)
Jun 16,2015 16:21

No, you sir are a silly man. You don't know English grammar, and you don't know the difference between looking and finding, and only a silly man would hire you. That this 'blog' got published is a disgrace. Full Comment>>

rasklnik on news China and Russia have Decrypted Snowden Files, Can Identify Spies(17 comments)
Jun 16,2015 08:53

I took a job with the NSA and was shocked that it does cloak and dagger stuff? It's like gambling in Casablanca...I'm shocked! Full Comment>>

rasklnik on thabet_sava 's blog We Must Protect the Chinese Youth from Being Lured By ISIS(32 comments)
May 25,2015 09:20

It's name is the ISLAMIC state. Saying ISIS has nothing to do with Islam is like saying the Real IRA has nothing to do with Irish Catholics. Full Comment>>

anybody in China know have to a picture so it at least looks casual...Can you imagine drinking a coffee with all those people looking at you...photoshop guys? Full Comment>>

rasklnik on ShanghaiCityGirl 's blog Found in translation episode 2(4 comments)
Apr 21,2015 08:36

Shrek isn't hipster, it was a book by William Stieg, Full Comment>>

rasklnik on news Xinjiang Party Chief: Islamic State Fighters Involved in Xinjiang Plot(9 comments)
Mar 11,2015 20:41

So a han dude is in charge of Xinjiang, a muslim turkish speaking speaking region of China...Even Putin knows who to tap to rule Grozny. Full Comment>>

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