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sharkies on news Security Fail: Man Climbs Through Hole in Side of China Post, Steals Cash(4 comments)
Aug 22,2014 12:07

I think China Post we're feeling a little "sleepish", not "sheepish" lol. Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Political Face-Off: Why do Chinese People Like Putin Better than Obama?(32 comments)
Aug 21,2014 09:10

Chinese media is all propaganda anyway. What the Chinese see and hear is generally not an accurate indication of what is really happening. Look at Chairman Mao, for example. He was a ruthless madman who was responsible for the deaths of millions of his own people. Yet, due to the brainwashing of the masses, he is ... Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Epidemics in China: How Has China Been Dealing with Disease Outbreaks? (6 comments)
Aug 20,2014 12:46

The Chinese spread disease by spitting all over the place. This article fails to mention that. Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Wuhan Air Traffic Controllers Fall Asleep and Leave Plane Unsure of Landing(8 comments)
Aug 20,2014 12:09

This is absolutely disgusting. It must have been between the hours of 12-2pm. Unacceptable behaviour for someone in that position. Another great effort by the Chinese! They never cease to amaze me by their laziness. Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Hangzhou East Station Becomes Badminton Court for Local Residents(5 comments)
Aug 19,2014 19:32

Not surprising. The Chinese government provides absolutely nothing in the way of entertainment for the people. Can't blame the people for wanting to have some fun and do something. China is by far the most boring country in the world. Full Comment>>

sharkies on news China’s Crackdown on Foreign Companies Widens: Car Manufacturers to be Punished(14 comments)
Aug 19,2014 09:37

Couldn't agree more! The world should say F&@$ you back! Imagine if all foreign companies pulled out of China, or all foreign universities stopped accepting Chinese students. China would be well and truly up shit creek. China gets away with too much, it's time for foreign companies to stand up and make a move. Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Po Po Shut us Down- Randy’s Burgers Ordered to Close by Chengguan(12 comments)
Aug 19,2014 09:33

As much as I hate the Chengguan and Chinese hate to see successful foreigners, the guy is still in violation of Chinese law. A Chinese person couldn't go to a western country and just "set up shop" on the side of the road without a permit. Still, it pisses me off that the Chengguan will go to all extremes ... Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Business Man Killed Woman by Pulling Her into Water as Practical Joke(9 comments)
Aug 15,2014 12:17

Tragic accident. But goes to show the brain capacity of this moron. Why not approach the young woman with a smile and a nice greeting instead of trying to be a big daddy. Full Comment>>

sharkies on news International Butler Academy in Chengdu Caters to China’s Rising Wealthy Elite (21 comments)
Aug 10,2014 10:25

Also if you decide to work as a butler, you will need to change your name to Alfred or Manuel lol. Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Heyuan Police Crack Down on Drug Filled Mobile Brothel Party Bus (2 comments)
Aug 06,2014 09:07

Haha. If I ever get on the wrong bus, let it be that one. I'm actually very impressed with the Heyuan police. I didn't think any Chinese police were capable of conducting a "sting" operation. All those American TV shows are paying off. Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Shocking Cases of Violence Across China This Year(66 comments)
Aug 06,2014 09:03

These are some of the real issues China, and the world should be addressing. What's happening in Israel is also a serious problem. Yet when I read the news, all I seem to see is articles about Kim fucking Kardashian. What a twisted world we live in. Full Comment>>

What a fool. Why didn't he show off his talent by creating something productive? Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Nanjing Lovebirds Celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day with Kissing Contest(5 comments)
Aug 05,2014 09:07

Kissing in public is inappropriate, but crapping on the street isn't. But to answer your question, it's double standards. Foreign devils like us are not allowed to have a Chinese girlfriend. Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Fly at Your Own Risk: 5 of The Deadliest Plane Crashes in China(2 comments)
Aug 04,2014 08:07

Good info. Although China Airlines is not based in the mainland. It is Taiwan's national carrier. And yes, their safety record is pretty poor. I don't mind flying China Southern, as their pilots are trained in Perth, Australia. Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Ancient Noodles and Culinary Rulers- A History of Chinese Food (14 comments)
Aug 02,2014 09:18

Honestly, if China didn't have food, what would they have? Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Ancient Noodles and Culinary Rulers- A History of Chinese Food (14 comments)
Aug 02,2014 09:17

@13david. Sorry mate I don't agree with you. I am also an Australian and I can tell you, growing up as a child, my mother very rarely fried food. Most western restaurants I go to also do not fry most of their food. I don't know how you came to that conclusion. Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Shirtless Burger Stand Gets Liaoning Girls Hot Under the Collar(21 comments)
Aug 01,2014 21:58

Looks better than the usual crappy street food - and I bet they're not using recycled oil too! Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Middle Aged Chinese People Practice Tai Qi inside Bank, Onlookers Confused (10 comments)
Aug 01,2014 09:52

It wouldn't have been between the hours of 12-2pm. That is rice and sleep time. Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Overenthusiastic Officials Put 150 Bins on 200m Path(7 comments)
Jul 30,2014 10:08

This. Having one bin or one hundred bins doesn't solve the problem. Laws need to be enforced. Planes have toilets also, yet stupid grandparents stll allow grandchildren to shit on the floor. Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Overseas Returnee Conned Out of 890,000 RMB through Online Dating Scam (5 comments)
Jul 29,2014 10:12

I'm in the wrong business! Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Are Chinese Men Good Enough for Chinese Women?(42 comments)
Jul 29,2014 10:11

Fat, ugly old men with massive bank balances are very attractive to many girls. Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Child Apparently Scared to Death by Large Dog (13 comments)
Jul 23,2014 14:46

Yes it is very sad for the girl. Your comments are spot on the mark. Unfortunately children here are overly protected from everything - including life! Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Child Apparently Scared to Death by Large Dog (13 comments)
Jul 23,2014 14:43

Reading this puts me at risk of dying from disgust. Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Driving Instructor Held for Scamming Students out of 600,000 RMB(3 comments)
Jul 22,2014 14:12

My God does it ever end? Full Comment>>

sharkies on news Patriotic Thief: CCTV Anchor Rui Chenggang’s Four Disgraceful Incidents(19 comments)
Jul 22,2014 14:07

I agree with his comments about Starbucks. Sick of large corporations taking over the world. Starbucks is overpriced, unhealthy garbage. Not wanting this American crap in the Forbidden City is hardly disgraceful behaviour. Would Americans like to see a noodle shop on top of the Statue of Liberty? Full Comment>>

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