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kuntmans on news Freelancing Foreigners: Making Some Extra Mao(7 comments)
Nov 18,2016 00:03

I've made a few extra mao in my time. A few mao here a few mao there. It all adds up. Nothing illegal about it too. Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news 8 Bizarre Chinese Foods and How to Eat Them(24 comments)
Sep 01,2016 19:36

Apart from the smells the thing I love the most about Chinese supermarkets are the assortments of all the different plastic packaging. It's so diverse and colourful. Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news Large Quantity of Knock-Off Liquor Discovered in Guangzhou(7 comments)
Aug 26,2016 11:19

the taste of the fake is often intistinguishable from the original and they are offering a vastly reduced price. if the fake market could be regulated to avoid risk to public health then it could be useful. Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news 5 Guilty Pleasures in China Expats Secretly Enjoy(36 comments)
Aug 15,2016 16:51

Is this website fully automated now, just a script that throws out these pieces from years ago based on number of hits? Full Comment>>

Oh thank god thank god thank god for the high five happy ending. That young boy won't be traumatised at all now because of the sticker and high fives. Tourists can keep visiting the US safe in the knowledge that the guns are only for show and for the real bad guys. Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news Loan-Sharks Accept Naked Photos as Collateral for Female College Students(24 comments)
Aug 05,2016 17:27

8,000 eh? Hmmm, would that include house cleaning service? Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news White-Washed Great Wall Movie Causes Controversy Online (31 comments)
Aug 03,2016 17:55

Matt Damon sells tickets and the film makers are in the business of making a profit. Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news 3 Cheap Travel Websites for Booking Your Summer Holiday From China(14 comments)
Aug 03,2016 17:52

Wow marketing features are getting reposted now. How many tumbleweeds do we have to see before the servers get switched off? Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news American Woman Goes on Rampage in Beijing Bar(13 comments)
Jul 29,2016 15:57

She was sick and tired of paying for fake alcohol? Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news Dongyang Locals Enjoy Eggs Soaked in the Urine of Young Boys (14 comments)
Jul 28,2016 17:57

Don't judge until you try. You will be pleasantly surprised. I have heard of so many laowai converts to the piss eggs. Also the supposed health benefits are probably more to do with holistic well being rather than straight up nutrician, although pee can contain a lot of vitamin C. Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news Chinese Users: WeChat Moments Has Too Much Spam(6 comments)
Jul 28,2016 16:40

It's a cause of cancer and blindness. That has been proven. But nobody is teaching the kids that on school. Everyone learns the hard way. Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news China Plans to Open an Immigration Office for Green Cards (For Rich Expats)(11 comments)
Jul 25,2016 18:07

This is just super news. Just super. Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news Woman Caught Taking Naked Pictures in a Lake in Dali (4 comments)
Jul 23,2016 23:11

Dali is an inspiring and romantic place. No wonder it is fast becoming the female nude picture capital of China. Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news Patriotic Hangzhou Company Rewards Employees for Destroying iPhones (16 comments)
Jul 22,2016 09:28

These types of hyped up stories are best not to be given much attention. Ask any random local person on the street and they would laugh it off as ridiculous. Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news Woman Tries to Bring 2 Guns and 50 Rounds onto Beijing Subway (6 comments)
Jul 22,2016 09:25

I would be surprised if anyone doesn't believe this as a false flag operation to avoid the whole metro bag check security thing being ridiculed Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news China Expat Stereotypes: What Do People Back Home Think of You?(31 comments)
Jul 18,2016 16:04

Yip. Back in the boom days when this website actually had a few bloggers of quality. Those of still around just have to look back on those days with a touch of nostalgia. Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news Didi Driver Posts Woman’s Information on Porn Site after Bad Review(8 comments)
Jul 14,2016 16:52

Standards at the firm have certainly dropped since Apple invested in the company. One wonders what they spent the money on. Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news Malaysian and Chinese Men Jailed and Deported for Growing Marijuana Outside Beijing (4 comments)
Jul 14,2016 16:48

maybe the quality of his crop didn't meet cpc standards? Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news Suki Speaks: An Interview with a Chinese Webcast Star(9 comments)
Jul 12,2016 16:47

Exciting and progressive. Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news Shanghai Startup Poised to Dominate Live Stream Market in Europe and the U.S. (6 comments)
Jul 11,2016 15:36

How dare they be successful in the US. They will have to be branded as a spying operation for the state sooner or later. Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news Netizens Mock New Toilet-Shaped Building on Henan University Campus (4 comments)
Jul 06,2016 12:18

The netizens have it right on this one. It's definitely inspired by the toilet shape. Pushing the envelope on post modern architecture in China. Well done North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news Scantily Clad Photos Taken at IKEA Cause Widespread Controversy (5 comments)
Jul 06,2016 12:15

Ikea need the publicity after some poor results recently. Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news Five Ways that Parents Can Hurt their Children's English Learning Development(23 comments)
Jul 06,2016 12:13

"They strong>mistake their unrealistic expectations for a reality" That is some fine English writing there. Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news I’ve Lost My Train Ticket in China! What Should I Do?(7 comments)
Jun 22,2016 16:50

this is one for the scrap book. Full Comment>>

kuntmans on news Even More Disney: Shanghai Disneyland Resort FAQ (Part II)(7 comments)
Jun 21,2016 22:12

It would be worth it even just for the cultural experience of the queueing and the undoubtedly delicious 80 yuan noodles. Full Comment>>

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