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SenseiSteve on news Foreign Teachers in China Detained in Drugs Crackdown(13 comments)
Jul 14,2019 16:15

Thanks man. At least someone has got their head screwed on the right way. Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news Foreign Teachers in China Detained in Drugs Crackdown(13 comments)
Jul 13,2019 16:43

Make an example of the foreigners. Deport them from the country and have their teaching licenses revoked. I don't understand why they go soft on the foreigners who break the rules here. Come to China, follow the rules and behave yourself. Why is that so hard for some foreigners to comprehend? Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news 5 Chinese Dishes to Quell Your Homesick Cravings(3 comments)
Feb 19,2019 10:05

I prefer the Rou Jia Mo to the Big Mac, it tastes so much better. Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news Calls for Deportation After Expat Smokes on China Subway(6 comments)
Feb 28,2018 10:12

He's making us good Brits look bad. One wonders why he was allowed into China with an attitude like that. makes me ashamed to be a Brit... Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on cwzialor 's blog 12 Types of Foreigners You’ll Definitely Meet in China(10 comments)
Jul 18,2017 12:05

Well said nashboroguy. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm one of those people, looking for something more from life. I haven't found it yet though. Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news The Great Laowai Exodus: Why Foreigners Are Leaving China(158 comments)
Jul 18,2017 11:27

Humm, a lot of interesting comments on this particular topic. For me, no country is perfect. There's good and bad everywhere, China is no exception. I'm sure that most of the foreigners in China came here for similar reasons as I have done, to find work as an ESL teacher and experience a culture different to the ... Full Comment>>

China would come number one in the "services" of lying, stealing and cheating. Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news Chinese People’s English Names – Is There a Method to the Madness?(45 comments)
Oct 20,2016 12:45

Maybe windy is a very flatulent person Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news Foreigner Vs Chinese Tradition: Relationship Roles in a Chinese Family(49 comments)
Oct 20,2016 12:34

I also have a wonderful marriage with my gorgeous Chinese wife. It's only still early days, but her family has been very gracious and welcoming to our relationship. My in-laws are the nicest people you could ever meet. My own family back home are also very happy with our marriage and love her like she's one of their ... Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news Number of Foreign Thieves in Shanghai on the Rise(35 comments)
Oct 09,2016 16:26

A vast majority of foreigners here in China obey the rules. There's only a select few who choose not to, yet it's narrow minded bigots like you that tar us all with the same brush. Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news Actually Useful Language Guides: How to Curse in Chinese (24 comments)
Sep 29,2016 14:40

I do like using profanities to idiots who make me annoyed. I can curse in Chinese, Korean, Thai, French, Japanese and English. I do like swearing in Thai, it sounds quite comical the way it rolls off your tongue. Chinese swearing is fun too, just make sure that it's not at some big guy with his buddies; or you will ... Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news When to Hold Your Tongue: The Importance of Respecting “Face”(24 comments)
Sep 22,2016 13:14

It's already started, look at the new generation. Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news Yellow Fever: Why Western Guys Date Chinese Girls(398 comments)
Sep 22,2016 13:08

If I may add my two cents into the debate. Just would like to say that I'm married to a beautiful Dalianese lady. She's a little older then I am but that doesn't pose and problems at all. It is very true that Chinese woman, particularly the older, more traditional ones are fiercly loyal to their husbands. That is, ... Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news Most Common English Teaching Job Scams in China: What to Avoid(30 comments)
Sep 19,2016 14:57

Web School is famous for hiring illegal, avoid them at all costs. Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news 16 Things in Chinese Society that Foreigners Envy(77 comments)
Sep 19,2016 14:48

I just wonder, if China is such an amazing place why is everyone and their mums queuing up to leave? Where they land, they'll just breed like rabbits, open shops which sell counterfeit goods, spit and litter everywhere and make our countries look like China and then complain it's better back home. I think the person ... Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news Lost in Translation: The Funniest English Shirts I’ve Seen in China (25 comments)
Sep 09,2016 13:38

I met a hot girl on the bus once wearing a fake Nike T-Shirt, that read "Just do me." Who would have guessed she was a nymphomaniac? Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news Chinese Users: WeChat Moments Has Too Much Spam(6 comments)
Sep 09,2016 11:37

They should rename "Wechat" to "WeShop". Not really used for chatting anymore, as opposed to being a place where a woman can spend all her money on Korean rubbish they don't really need. Full Comment>>

There's a solution to this in China, it's called Abortion. Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news Large Quantity of Knock-Off Liquor Discovered in Guangzhou(7 comments)
Aug 26,2016 12:04

Isn't China the knock-off capital of the world? Everything is fake here. Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news New inventive traffic Law in Sanya: make you lose face(9 comments)
Aug 26,2016 12:03

The Chinese drive how they walk, driving here is terrifying bordering to the point of suicidal. Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news Eleven Myanmar Men Caught Without Proper Immigration Papers in Nanjing (7 comments)
Aug 26,2016 11:50

I'm guessing China wasn't their final stop. Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news Tencent Overtakes Alibaba and Becomes China's Most Valuable Tech Company(6 comments)
Aug 26,2016 11:44

China is awash with copycat companies, Tencent and Alibaba aren't doing anything new. Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news The Times: China’s Tourist Blacklist Already has 19 Names(14 comments)
Aug 09,2016 19:33

Furthermore, Hong Kong people are mortally offended if you call them Chinese. Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news Beijing Woman Fired by International Company for Storing Porn on Work Computer (17 comments)
Aug 07,2016 15:51

I bet there were plenty of "cocks" on her farm. Full Comment>>

SenseiSteve on news Japanese Man Fined in Hubei for Driving Without a Chinese Drivers’ License (7 comments)
Aug 07,2016 15:42

He can probably drive better without a license then the Chinese idiots who do have one. Full Comment>>


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