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Jun 26, 2014 10:21

Articles : moldavidian commented on news A Foreigner’s Guide to Buying Vehicles in China

So how difficult would it be to buy a Vespa in HK and ride it back to the mainland since i haven't seen any Vespas for sale on the mainland? I only have an international license but i ride two other motorbikes in China all the time without any trouble. Full Comment>>

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Jun 02, 2014 22:39

(Qingdao) Features : moldavidian commented on news Soy to the World: Eating Vegetarian in Qingdao

Is Crystal Lotus even open anymore? It's sad that there are so few options for vegetarians in Qingdao. I'm sure it will change soon. Full Comment>>

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May 31, 2014 22:35

Around China : moldavidian commented on news Foreigner in Qingdao Clearing Litter Earns Praise from Netizens

Thanks for the article and entertaining comments. If anything, the attention has inspired me to do more. I'm hoping it will catch on. Qingdao is a beautiful city but there are too many dirty people. I have more free time than most people so this is what i choose to do when i have the energy. I'm thrilled that i may ... Full Comment>>

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