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Lmontano76 on news How to Survive Your First Month Living and Working in China(1 comments)
Aug 09,2018 10:43

DO NOT take the initiative and do these things on your own. For example, "OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT" - easy to say - but chances are your employer will require a specific-bank. It's great to be a "go-getter" who takes the bull by the horns, but slow down.... China loves to "parent" their ... Full Comment>>

Lmontano76 on news How to Grab the Best Bargains When Living in China (2 comments)
Aug 09,2018 10:41

It's so tough if you have a personality type that hates negotiation.... I hate it! I end up buying everything online. Full Comment>>

Lmontano76 on news The Ins and Outs of Annual Leave in China(1 comments)
Jul 21,2018 12:46

I love how in the same article, it writes "the worker nearly always trumps the employer," to then later explain how employers can ignore labor law, ignore contracts, and there's no real recourse... Full Comment>>


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