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lilyzhang91 on news Man Robs Bank With Knife, Teller Asks Him to Wait and Queue(17 comments)
Nov 30,2014 00:07

e… it is unwise to rob the bank with a kitchen knife .maybe more things he needs to disguise himself , or he just want to into custody. Full Comment>>

maybe it is not so accurately to say more .for it is no accuracy statistics in the past ,and i think it is also difficulty in lots of places nowadays ,maybe in the future i can tell you exactly .but l can clearly feel that from report .heard and saw . Full Comment>>

Fisrt of all, for this thing I didn't want to express derogatory or good.l am only intreast in the life phenomenon :as you can seen from this report why she started to love and get merried her husband ,then loved her friend .is it really due to her husband did not care about her enough ?and what makes them so ... Full Comment>>

why there are more and more gay ?l am wondering what has changed .That is so crazy . Full Comment>>

lilyzhang91 on news Super Stingy Residential Building in Jining Charges Residents for Using Elevator(10 comments)
May 24,2014 21:29

oh,Yes. I agree with you that the people who use it pay for the running costs.yet i hold that the problem in this news is that residents isn't satisfied with charge standard rather than they don't to pay the management fees.perhaps they can't accept the create way as they need to pay more money than before.the ... Full Comment>>

lilyzhang91 on news Super Stingy Residential Building in Jining Charges Residents for Using Elevator(10 comments)
May 23,2014 10:23

i think the main meaning of him is the fees aren’t extortionate, but it’s surely more a matter of principle. Full Comment>>

lilyzhang91 on news Couples Rush to Get Pregnant to Avoid Unlucky Year of the Sheep (9 comments)
May 13,2014 16:45

l am a "baby sheep".Although it's not a scientific and good behavior but also can be understand. And the best is to change the situation. Full Comment>>

lilyzhang91 on news Man Takes Woman Hostage on Shanghai Metro - For Prison Food(12 comments)
Apr 30,2014 21:34

Oh,just for food ??That is so crazy and unthinkable. Full Comment>>

lilyzhang91 on news Wuhan Woman Puts Grandson Up for Sale to Save Son(11 comments)
Apr 28,2014 21:24

Life is not always fair and it is the poor man's helpless.You can't fully understand the poor struggle for life.Any a man with dignity Will not want do that unless he go head no way.I prefer to believe that a mother's heart, so if we can, just try to help them. Full Comment>>


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