mjr862000 on news Comparing How Foreign Media Described Kunming Attack and Woolwich Attack (19 comments)

Mar 08,2014 11:00 comment|44479|28777

Families reel, witnesses haunted after China's deadly Kunming terror attacks cnn's headline so.... this article is wrong. Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on news Drunk Women Knocks on Wrong Door, Gets Beaten for Being the “Mistress”(3 comments)

Jan 09,2014 13:11 comment|42931|28777

trust issues dont quite say it. if a woman can decide in her mind in a few seconds that not only her husband is cheating on her. But he got his mistress an apartment in the same building. Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on pepo36 's blog Feeling lonely? -- Welcome to China(8 comments)

Oct 17,2013 11:03 comment|40729|28777

how true eyes open is the best way foward. good luck Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on news Shanzhai Has no Limits: Fake Gas Station Discovered in Sichuan(3 comments)

Oct 10,2013 11:05 comment|40484|28777

what's next for the guys? Shanzhai echinacities.... Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on news Top 8 Sounds in China that Drive Expats Insane (37 comments)

Sep 30,2013 20:11 comment|40359|28777

yes exactly! And who wakes up at 7 am to get their knives shapened anyway!! Please stop! Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on news The Low Down on Companies not Paying on Time in China(8 comments)

Sep 23,2013 13:00 comment|40250|28777

bottom line this is not cultural issue and dont let them tell you otherwise!!! Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on news Bargaining in China: What’s Fair Game?(1 comments)

Aug 31,2013 14:31 comment|39934|28777

on the other hand there is shopping center in beijing near sanlitun, where I was told there are no dicounts from some shop keepers. while shopkeeper did give dicounts to me. the truth was the shopkeeper who did not want to give me a dicount simply did not give discounts to foreigners. Stupid in my opinion because ... Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on DaqingDevil 's blog Teaching kids in China (4) - Teamwork(7 comments)

Aug 27,2013 12:50 comment|39850|28777

Agreed! they must ingrain this idea of not failing young because I worked with three year olds that seem to have this problem! Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on news FIELDS Online Supermarket: Healthy Food for Nanjing Expats Just a Click Away(4 comments)

Jun 30,2013 21:24 comment|38601|28777

its very expensive but the products are real and delicious. Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on news Trapped: US Boss Held in Factory by Chinese Workers Over Dispute(9 comments)

Jun 28,2013 16:31 comment|38558|28777

so the chinese get to feel what its like to have thier jobs outsource! Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on news Shanghai’s 10 Best Outdoor Restaurants(3 comments)

Jun 11,2013 11:14 comment|38117|28777

what these people are not saying but i will is they are so many great places in shanghai. so dont plug the same places over and over again! Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on news Dalian’s Most Popular Shopping Malls Around Qingniwaqiao(4 comments)

Jun 02,2013 13:23 comment|37817|28777

there is also a large Korean market pratically around the corner from victory plaza and a Russian market in the area opposite the train station here you can russian arhritecture. Also beware of beggars and flower sellars in this area they tend to be children. Beside from that this place is great all in all a great ... Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on news Only the Patient Expat Shall Pass: Rites of Passage in China(35 comments)

May 31,2013 12:18 comment|37754|28777

eating dinner at a chinese family's house is one of my favorite things to do in china its banquets thats the challenge with too much drink and smoke. but dinner with locals at thier home is a great experience you will be lucky to have here!!! Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on news Elderly Rural Chinese Going to Southeast Asia to Work as Beggars(2 comments)

May 26,2013 14:24 comment|37602|28777

and the chinese complain about 1 western guy on a bus!!! Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on darkstar1 's blog The Chinese Generation Game(1 comments)

Apr 27,2013 11:47 comment|36897|28777

i like the photo Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on news Foreigner Helps Fainted Passerby While Locals Stare and Take Photos(8 comments)

Apr 15,2013 21:36 comment|36633|28777

People here seem to think the worse of others so easily the foreigners about chinese and the chinese about foreigners. "what we have here is a faluire to communicate." we seem to forget human nature is not to want to get involved with other people's problems. when i have problem with someone here chinese ... Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on news 6 Things You Never Expected To Love About China(12 comments)

Feb 15,2013 18:07 comment|35762|28777

this article would have very informative for someone who has never heard of any asian customs or was written 25 years ago. BTW- you know Hello Kitty is Japanese right? Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on news Shanghai to Lanzhou for Free: Student Hitchhikes Home for Spring Festival(4 comments)

Feb 10,2013 22:06 comment|35726|28777

this trip seems to be in thhe spirit of adventure born of the couch surfing movement and the like... are all chinese to be condemned to live as migrant workers during thier holidays simply because thats what other people do... don't ever be compelled to do something simply because there are others doing it. Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on news South Korean Expat’s “10 Things I Don’t Like About China” – Part 1(11 comments)

Jan 08,2013 15:03 comment|34874|28777

not all the places tourist areas cost alot of money infact some of the museums i have been to are free Full Comment>>

mjr862000 on news Illegal and Dirty: Reporters Expose Scam Involving Sex Workers & Police(14 comments)

Aug 29,2012 20:02 comment|30843|28777

ok in response to the last ,comment i must say this is true but every country or most every country has some form of prostitution. even in countries like the USA there have been studies that prove that this so called profession is alive and well almost everywhere. In some western countries, in certain parts of the ... Full Comment>>


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