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Quinn68 on news Will Foreigners in China Get the Chinese Vaccine?(9 comments)
Jan 16,2021 04:04

The Chinese vaccine makes no sense because it is barely 50% effective and has serious side effects. Pfizer, Moderna, and, soon, J&J makes complete sense because they are highly effective. Are the people who recovered from Covid truly recovered? And how long are they immune? This remains to be seen. We have a ... Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news China’s ‘996’ Debate Reignited After ‘Overworked’ Pinduoduo Employee Dies(6 comments)
Jan 07,2021 18:37

Why would the family refuse a post-mortem? Don't they want to know an official medical reason why their daughter died? Wouldn't that solve a lot of questions as opposed to speculating she died from overwork and giving this reason a ridiculous number? 996? Seriously? Sometimes people have underlying medical issues ... Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news Education Ministry to Regulate Online Tutors in China(8 comments)
Jul 18,2019 06:48

I'm still planning on doing it p/t to supplement my f/t teaching job in China. I don't see how this can be enforced, at least not now. Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news 7 of the Best Western Restaurant Chains in China(4 comments)
May 08,2019 13:30

I've been in China almost 10 years and I haven't heard of any of these venues. Guess this article only applies to those foreigners living in 1st and 2nd tier cities. Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on danb261 's blog 3 Types of Jobs for Foreigners in China That Might Make You Rich(31 comments)
Mar 27,2019 16:40

"With some experience, an English teacher living in China can easily make more than than a teacher in the US." Um...yeah, if you teach in Oklahoma. And unlike a US teacher, there are no state retirement benefits, excellent medical benefits, 401K, HSA, Social Security (let's face it - the Chinese gov't will ... Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news 7 Things That China Does Better Than Anywhere Else(6 comments)
Mar 27,2019 13:56

+1 on Spiderboenz's comment. The only thing that China does better than anywhere else is tea. China does tea like nobody's business. Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news 5 Things I Learnt Teaching Kindergarten in China(2 comments)
Oct 15,2018 05:46

You're American, but you wrote "learnt" as opposed to "learned?" Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news Dating in China - Tips for Your First Close Encounter(6 comments)
Jul 31,2018 08:05

Nice article, but it's really only applicable to those living in a first or maybe second tier cities. If you're working in the lower tier cities you'll be hard pressed to find girls who can anything in English other than "Hello" and "Sorry." And forget about finding foreign restaurants or ... Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news Chinese State Media: No Sexual Harassment Here(8 comments)
Oct 19,2017 01:02

70% of female factory workers in GZ? WTF!? Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news Chinese Boy, 10, Travels 100km in 24 Day Running Away From Home(2 comments)
Aug 08,2017 09:18

That's an impressive feat for a 10 yr. old. He'd make a good special forces operator if he chooses that route later in life. Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news Say What? 10 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Chinese Person(50 comments)
Jun 14,2017 12:56

"Also, avoid maintaining eye contact for too long, as this is seen as threatening." But they can stare at me every day? Because back in Baltimore ppl get shot in the face with a 9mm for prolonged eye contact. Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news 5 Worst Chinese Cities for Foreigners to Live in(34 comments)
Jun 04,2017 07:24

Nicely written article. It's interesting to note how China expats respond to certain cities. Robk hated Zhengzhou, but I loved it. I concur that Fuzhou reeks of apathy, but I know other expats who love it so much they have bought apartments there. I guess how we respond to any given city in China is based on our ... Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news What’s in a Name? Foreigners in China with a Chinese Name(12 comments)
May 18,2017 02:54

“White” laowais are given preferential treatment often by virtue of their looks. Take English language teachers. A white non-native English speaker will likely be hired over an Asian native-English speaker, because they look more the part." True...if you apply to work as an ESL teacher at one of the thousands ... Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news Biting the Bullet: Going to the Dentist in China(16 comments)
May 09,2017 15:13

Rather than risk having a Chinese witch doctor put unsterlized instruments in my mouth, I took a weekend trip to Seoul to see a real dentist. My colleague flew to Bangkok one weekend to get a root canal. If you can afford to leave China for proper medical treatment, then do it. I wouldn't trust these people to put a ... Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news I’m Sure It’ll be Fine: Street Food and Food Safety Standards in China(43 comments)
Apr 29,2017 11:46

Well-written article. I think 98% of street vendors cut corners. I never took that risk, even when there were no other food options available. And to call it food is being generous. Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news Same Name, Different Game: 5 Ugly Facets of the Chinese Workplace(38 comments)
Apr 26,2017 23:34

If you insist on using the word "whence," keep in mind that preceding the word with "from" is redundant. "Whence" implies "from" already. Yeah, this is not exactly news to the rest of us. China is as shallow as a puddle of gutter oil. To be fair, I've seen examples of guanxi ... Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news Chinafornia Here We Come: State Sees Record Investments from China in 2016(4 comments)
Oct 02,2016 18:58

As an American, I say with any luck California will fall off into the ocean. Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news White-Washed Great Wall Movie Causes Controversy Online (31 comments)
Aug 03,2016 18:40

I take it Constance Wu doesn't date white guys. Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news Dongyang Locals Enjoy Eggs Soaked in the Urine of Young Boys (14 comments)
Jul 27,2016 22:10

"Modern science has confirmed that there are no nutritional benefits in drinking urine. However, locals in Dongyang all praise the eggs." Why? "No why! We have 5000 year history. Now I go eat placenta, dog and rhino horn so my soldier salute. You no understand stupid laowei." Just when I think ... Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news Chinese Tech Company Harasses U.S. Security Developer for One-Star Amazon Review (7 comments)
Jul 12,2016 18:40

Thank you Matthew Garrett for exposing a pathetic attempt by the Chinese gov't to steal personal info. Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news Suki Speaks: An Interview with a Chinese Webcast Star(9 comments)
Jul 12,2016 01:40

Chinese girls wear so much makeup they look like borderline geisha girls sans the class. Full Comment>>

Can't you guys see the writing on the wall...literally? These monkeys don't want us here. Not now, not ever. Time to go home. Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news China’s Population Reached 1.37 Billion in 2015(2 comments)
Mar 02,2016 22:14

1 billion of them are horny Chinese guys. Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news The Great Laowai Exodus: Why Foreigners Are Leaving China(158 comments)
Jan 14,2016 10:15

All of the above. Plus quite possibly the worst food the world. Full Comment>>

Quinn68 on news Man’s Condom Breaks While Visiting Prostitute, Asks Police to Check Her for AIDS (7 comments)
Dec 29,2015 06:57

You can test for HIV antibodies after two weeks. Full Comment>>

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