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alejandrov66 on news Uproar After China Bans Cheese Imports from Britain(5 comments)
May 14,2014 12:48

its all about money and it has nothing to do with safety, if you have been watching for the past 2 years local Chinese companies have been selling rat , donkey . and fox meats to their own citizens but a fine cheese from the uk is a problem Full Comment>>

alejandrov66 on news Uproar After China Bans Cheese Imports from Britain(5 comments)
May 14,2014 12:42

i guees we can say that same about your people in the uk ,, ignorant Full Comment>>

alejandrov66 on news How to Recognize a “Face Job” When Applying for Jobs in China(47 comments)
May 14,2014 12:35

lol funny your bf is a lucky man Full Comment>>

alejandrov66 on news To Go or Not To Go: Lifespan of Foreigners in China(63 comments)
May 09,2014 10:09

and dont forget the agencies taking half of their salary and they do nothing Full Comment>>

alejandrov66 on chamaflauge 's blog The Content of My Character(31 comments)
May 31,2013 15:16

welcome to china my friend and you are right the whole world is watching but seems they dont care Full Comment>>

alejandrov66 on dhak 's blog 8 Chinese rivers where you won´t dare to touch the water(4 comments)
May 14,2013 09:57

this is not a new thing in china its a shame Full Comment>>

alejandrov66 on news Chinese Break-ups – What a Goodbye Means in China(64 comments)
Apr 19,2012 23:44

i had lived in china for the past 5 years , i have seen dramatic scenes of couples fighting and girls crying 2 years i saw the news a young girl took a taxi she was carrying a can of gas she spray herself with gas and light herself in fire just because her bf left her,, i think is has to do with culture in ths usa ... Full Comment>>


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