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Chhris on news Light a Candle: Overcoming Discrimination in China’s ESL Market (110 comments)
Jun 01,2016 14:05

Also people from Ireland get Z visas and in some provinces South Africans too. Full Comment>>

Chhris on Sinobear 's blog Parents Need Not Apply(9 comments)
Apr 19,2016 16:51

Come on, 12k RMB a month is still awesome, and you don't even need to care about the tuition of the kids. Most foreign teachers here earn less than 12k. Are you a licensed teacher? Full Comment>>

Chhris on news 6 Strange Compliments You Get in China (and How to Handle Them)(31 comments)
Apr 07,2016 13:54

If you play your game right that monkey attention can easily be turned into something more... :P Oh, never mind, you are a girl. Full Comment>>

Chhris on news English Phrases in China that Drive Me Nuts(29 comments)
Apr 07,2016 10:40

'Wanna try this one? It is sooo delicious!' I keep telling people there are at least 5 ways they can say a food tastes good, no need to keep repeating 'It's delicious...' Full Comment>>

Chhris on news Don't Worry, Be Happy: 6 Tips to Enjoy Your Stay in China(65 comments)
Mar 16,2016 10:45

How did he get sick? From the food? Full Comment>>

Chhris on news Beijing Man Dies from Overwork. Company: He was Watching Porn(13 comments)
Mar 13,2016 21:38

Don't be a sheep, even if it's a Chinese guy if he was being overworked he could have talked to his boss about reducing the working hours and in return perhaps reducing his salary a bit as well. If the boss doesn't agree just look for an other job. Full Comment>>

Chhris on news China Hopes to Have Largest Global Box Office Sales by 2017(5 comments)
Feb 07,2016 19:27

If they start selling salty popcorn I will go... Full Comment>>

Chhris on news Scoot in Style: Life with a Scooter in China(30 comments)
Feb 03,2016 10:13

It depends on where you live. Guandong and some other provinces in the south are ok but I would find Shanghai and the surround cities too cold for me for riding in some of the winter months. Full Comment>>

Chhris on news Teen Lies about Father Dying in Tianjin Explosion, Raises 96K Yuan from Netizens (6 comments)
Jan 29,2016 19:41

'was sentences to three years in prison' You missed this line my good man. Full Comment>>

Chhris on news Barely Legal: The Rise of the Sexy Webcast in China (15 comments)
Jan 25,2016 11:26

I thought you were fat :o Full Comment>>

Chhris on news How to Find a Job in China as a “Non-native” Expat(60 comments)
Jan 21,2016 22:35

Did they send you a FEC and an invitation letter that you converted into a Z visa? Full Comment>>

Chhris on news The Great Laowai Exodus: Why Foreigners Are Leaving China(158 comments)
Jan 15,2016 11:44

幹嗎那麽討厭外國人? :( Full Comment>>

Chhris on news The Great Laowai Exodus: Why Foreigners Are Leaving China(158 comments)
Jan 15,2016 11:36

Which city is this? Full Comment>>

Chhris on news The Great Laowai Exodus: Why Foreigners Are Leaving China(158 comments)
Jan 14,2016 16:02

Yeah, imagine if Chinese people could just go to teach Chinese in a western country if they have a BA degree and 2 years work experience lol... Luckily its them who want to learn our language and not us theirs. Full Comment>>

Yeah, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guandong, Hunan and Hubei provinces won't issue Foreign Expert Certificate to non-native Eng. speakers as English teachers. That's why you have never seen your FEC, because you don't have one. You got an other type of Z visa that's for being a consultant or something, not for being an ... Full Comment>>

Chhris on news Kindergarten Accuses Parents of Libel for Complaining about Russian ESL Teacher(56 comments)
Nov 05,2015 12:15

I thought it was impossible to get hired as a non-native Eng teacher in guandong. How the hell did they manage to pull it off? :o Full Comment>>

Chhris on news China to Experience Full-Blown Bachelor Crisis by 2020(22 comments)
Oct 05,2015 17:32

You mean we are the ones who will have to be careful... Like with the French guy and his wife, there will be some Chinese men who get so depressed over not being able to find a wife that he vents his frustration on us, foreigner men... This venting can range anywhere between just cursing/spitting at us or more ... Full Comment>>

Chhris on news Stolen Diamond Surgically Removed from Chinese Woman’s Intestines in Thailand(12 comments)
Sep 16,2015 09:47

Well, she will learn her lesson once she is through with her 20-year prison sentence... Full Comment>>

Chhris on news Woman Tries to Get Boyfriend to Visit with Fake Suicide Threat, He Calls Police Instead (11 comments)
Aug 19,2015 19:41

Which fool wouldn't want to visit a girl like that? :o Those beebs! Full Comment>>

Chhris on news Chinese/French Newlywed Couple Stabbed in Sanlitun, Wife Killed (17 comments)
Aug 14,2015 21:27

I guess the French guy stole the girl from the Chinese guy and that was the Chinese guy's reaction to that :( Full Comment>>

Chhris on news Woman Loses Phone Abroad, Nailed with Sketchy 230,000 RMB Bill (6 comments)
Aug 11,2015 11:30

So well, what happens if she can't pay? :o Full Comment>>

Chhris on news The 5 Stages of Expat Life in China (29 comments)
Aug 10,2015 10:17

What category do university teachers fit in? Full Comment>>

Chhris on news The 5 Stages of Expat Life in China (29 comments)
Aug 10,2015 10:16

You could make an article like the one above elaborating on your points a bit more. Full Comment>>

Chhris on news Colombian Beauty Queen Faces Death Penalty for Drug Smuggling in Guangzhou (9 comments)
Aug 06,2015 08:25

But why would she risk getting caught for a few grams of coke that she could put in her laptop? Where would she put the drugs in her laptop? In the DVD rom? Or maybe they took all the hardwares out and replaced them with drugs. That way they could have put in 1-2 kilos perhaps. Too bad the article didn't specify any ... Full Comment>>

Chhris on news Chinese Media: The Dangers of Hiring Illegal Foreign Teachers (55 comments)
Aug 05,2015 13:37

" Chinese law stipulates that teachers employed by training centers in China must have a bachelors degree or above and at least two years of relevant work experience or an internationally recognized teaching certificate." This doesn't mention that teachers have to come from native-English speaking ... Full Comment>>

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