Sadly some Chinese are clueless drivers. In Australia we drive on the left side of the road and this is the result, a man in a wheelchair and the Chinese wife injured The lawyer said: "He is a visitor to this country, ... Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news Sexology Professor Assaulted with Bucket of Faeces (15 comments)

Nov 18,2014 05:00 comment|52670|26815

I don't know what all the fuss is about with sex. I tried it once and it wasn't that good. Seriously though, this story is not much different to Xtian fundies attacking sex education in US or Australian schools. It's always the progressives vs the conservatives. Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news Chinglish Translation on Shanghai Subway Gains Notoriety(10 comments)

Nov 07,2014 19:01 comment|52426|26815

quality control a Chinese oxymoron Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news 5 Beautiful Places in China Not to Go For National Week(30 comments)

Sep 28,2014 10:43 comment|51271|26815

There are beautiful places in China and some are off the beaten to a pulp track. I went rafting in the mountains of Guanxi thru caves, past waterfalls and hardly a person in sight. Huangshan is spectacular but to wait for 2-3 to go up or down the chairlift even at 5 in the morning is crazy. Rule 1: Don't travel in ... Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news Survey Dissects 10 Major Problems of Chinese Society(2 comments)

Sep 20,2014 12:38 comment|51040|26815

Ok interesting but what survey, how many respondents? A good start, some Chinese recognise their own problems, the first step is awaremenss. I can just see the Chinese Anonymous meetings My name is Xiao Xiao Ting Ting and I am a(n incurable) Chinese .... Full Comment>>

They would only let him back if he prostrated himself to the CCP and signed a document that everything that the CCP did since they invaded Tibet was for the good of the Tibetan people. Incidentally I recently heard that Mao wanted the Potsala Palace blown up and only subtle intervention by Chou En Lai saved it. Mao ... Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news Naked Women Fight Over Cheating Man in Public in Guangzhou(15 comments)

Sep 13,2014 06:22 comment|50763|26815

undies with Chinese characteristics? Actually the wife is angry because the mistress has better underwear than she does (well newer anyway) Still it's good to air your grievances And one thing I love about China, there is always someone there to take a photo. Years later the mistress can look back and laugh at the ... Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news “Old Like Yellow Pearls”: China’s “Leftover Women”(22 comments)

Sep 05,2014 19:54 comment|50477|26815

yes the headline should be leftover men Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news Nanning Restaurant Derided in Chinese Media for Chinglish(10 comments)

Aug 31,2014 17:05 comment|50321|26815

My all-time favourite was for a confectionery shop. Obviously they lost their internet connection but they pressed on in naive, energetic Chinese fashion and put up a sign that said Translate Server Error. There's a massage shop that has a sign "Free yourself from the misery of existence". Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news Fly Me to the Moon: How to Make Your own Mooncakes(9 comments)

Aug 31,2014 16:59 comment|50320|26815

moon cakes shouldn't see the light of day Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news Ma Yun is China’s Richest Man at Net Worth of 21.8 Billion USD(4 comments)

Aug 29,2014 15:30 comment|50244|26815

It's so great to see Chinese entrepreneurs beating the USA on the level playing field that is China today. Google, E-bay, Facebook, Youtube can only weep. Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news Man in Chengdu Proposes Using 1001 Hot Dogs (14 comments)

Aug 29,2014 15:24 comment|50243|26815

what a bunch of cynics you all are spelling out love in hot dogs is ... well .... novel. I'm sure it's a one off. Next time it might be rice grains. Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news Prude and Miserly Henan School Bans Love (6 comments)

Aug 28,2014 18:52 comment|50170|26815

I've noticed that China is full of rules but not many are obeyed. But they can use the extra rules to punish whoever they like (read no guanxi, no money). In the immortal words of the Bay City Rollers "some girls do, some girls don't, some girls need a lot of lovin' and some girls don't". Such genius in ... Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news Po Po Shut us Down- Randy’s Burgers Ordered to Close by Chengguan(12 comments)

Aug 23,2014 06:59 comment|50002|26815

There are many similar stories in China. Read Mark Kitto's famous why I'm leaving China. If you get too successful they figure they can muscle in and take over and reap the profits but they always kill the goose. Have you ever know a country with so many laws that they arbitrarily enforce when the occasion suits? It ... Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news Shanghai Introduces Vendor-free Zones(2 comments)

Aug 02,2014 18:26 comment|49196|26815

China must have the most rules and regulations of any country but are they obeyed? but are they enforced? but can money circumvent them? Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news River in Wenzhou Turns Mysteriously Blood Red (13 comments)

Jul 28,2014 18:04 comment|48988|26815

It's Chinageddon. Full Comment>>

Ok there's another side to this. Sure many schools look for a white face and a native speaker as the prime suspects but suppose the job ad read like this: Sausage Factory English or Joy-O-Joy Kids needs English teachers. Requirements: 1) native speaker 2) bachelor degree (verified with university) 3) Academic TESOL ... Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news 5 Bizarre Chinese Weight Loss Methods(26 comments)

Jun 22,2014 08:09 comment|47754|26815

I was at a shopping centre last night and saw a vibrating board you stand on that "shakes" the fat right off you. You can watch Sex in the City while that happens. That would be preferable to their demo film which showed a fat guy before and after. Believe that and I'll sell you the Nanjing Bridge. The ... Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news 16 Shocking Facts about China's Economy, Production and Natural Resources (29 comments)

Jun 11,2014 17:22 comment|47357|26815

Another shocking Chinese statistic: 82.72% of Olympic swimming pools in China are not totally filled Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news 1335 Chinese Millionaires Sue Canadian Government over Cancelled Visas(14 comments)

Jun 07,2014 09:34 comment|47219|26815

wealthy Chinese can't believe that money doesn't buy whatever they want, in this case Canadian residence. Their world is shaken. If you research more about this story you will find there was a lot of cheating going on. When the Canadian government investigated the real wealth of the Chinese immigrants they found ... Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news Hunan Farmers Dress up as UN Officials to Bust Cousin out of Jail(6 comments)

May 25,2014 08:03 comment|46724|26815

Who said Chinese education does not allow imagination and creativity? Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news Why are Chinese so Concerned About Saving Face?(88 comments)

May 25,2014 07:55 comment|46723|26815

A Western teacher where I am currently working had a student who had leukemia and was hospitalised in bigger city. He planned to visit her and let it be known if others wanted to join him. Soon he was called into the department head's office and told that it was not a good idea for him to visit her. Being a ... Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news Fugitive Ostrich Gives Beijing Police the Run-around(2 comments)

May 18,2014 20:27 comment|46431|26815

I suspect a man in an ostrich suit promoting KFO (Kentucky Fried Ostrich) Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news Sino Spelunking: Exploring China’s Diverse Caves(2 comments)

May 17,2014 10:57 comment|46404|26815

great story thanks Katie I've been to the Reed Flute Cave Also I went rafting thru caves out the back of Nanning near the Vietnam border. Gulong Shan Valley is located 30 kilometers south of the town of Jingxi County. We had to walk a bit in the middle past a great waterfall too. Full Comment>>

instantkarma on news Former Head of GSK in China Officially Charged With Bribery(6 comments)

May 16,2014 22:22 comment|46390|26815

You've got to be cynical here and say they didn't pay someone enough money so they got charged with corruption. Foreigners can't beat the Chinese at that game anyway Actually China is smart and wants to develop homegrown industries and restrict foreign companies in any way they can. Full Comment>>


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