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craigjj505 on news 111 Year-Old Man Believed to Have Drunk 8 Tons of Baijiu (2 comments)
Sep 23,2013 19:16

So what I gather from this article is that, as long as your liver does not give out, alcohol is great preservative and helps with memory loss. Full Comment>>

craigjj505 on news Giant Turtle Discovered in Henan; Expert Suggests to Eat it(12 comments)
Sep 18,2013 22:11

Like in the article those are common sites in America... When I go fishing back home I see them all the time, but I have not heard of anyone eating since my grandfather... but I guess thats just a difference in culture a bit Full Comment>>

craigjj505 on pepo36 's blog Feeling lonely? -- Welcome to China(8 comments)
Sep 18,2013 18:59

I recently came to Changchun myself as a teacher which I guess in the long run will help with loneliness, but maybe you have not met the right expats? I have met a couple of nice people, not to say that I hangout with them all the time but it is nice to have the option on a occasion when there is a meeting for the ... Full Comment>>

This may be a bit of naivety on my part, but since my first time in China, I have never seen a Chinese police officer with a gun. When I visited Beijing I did and once in Shanghai airport when they were bringing money in from an armored car, but I never saw local police officers carry them. Full Comment>>


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