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gzraj on hadleyj09 's blog Being Vegetarian in China(14 comments)
Dec 19,2014 14:56

Yes,Buddhist restaurants are without meat for sure.I remember my Chinese friend said "So, you can eat ham." when he heard I am Vegetarian.. :) Full Comment>>

gzraj on hadleyj09 's blog Being Vegetarian in China(14 comments)
Dec 19,2014 14:54

Wow ! I love that Place 10RMB for Vegetarian choice + all you can eat ? where it is in GZ ? Full Comment>>

gzraj on news Female Hotel Manager Sleeps with Chengguan to Protect Hotel Billboard(16 comments)
Apr 10,2014 19:02

"Yet another" ? I missed rest of them... Mr. Long ? how long? Full Comment>>

gzraj on news Unemployed University Graduate Uses English Skills to Scam Foreign Men(10 comments)
Mar 28,2014 08:54

why do they name "scam" ? i guess it's a pure robbery. Full Comment>>

gzraj on news Foreigners Among Dead and Injured in Horrific Car Crash in Haizhu District(7 comments)
Aug 14,2013 08:52

You are right , Foreigner wasn't driving. Full Comment>>

gzraj on news Fingerprints Now Required When Entering and Exiting China (5 comments)
Jul 29,2013 18:47

Yes, even they did not asked my finger prints when I entered China last weekend from Macao. Full Comment>>

gzraj on news Woman Claims Her Dog Was “Raped”; Demands 100,000 RMB(11 comments)
Jul 11,2013 07:35

I haven't heard it before.. Full Comment>>


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