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Hulk on news 15,000 Guns Confiscated in Guizhou Police Raids(1 comments)
Jun 08,2014 12:23

*sigh* Now where am I going to get them? Full Comment>>

Hulk on news Anhui Woman Cuts Husband’s Genitals Off, Twice!(14 comments)
May 20,2014 05:16

As a 7 time victim of drugging and/or poisoning in China, I concur. Full Comment>>

Hulk on news Parenting Gone Mad? Mother Told Daughter She Was Adopted to Improve Grades(5 comments)
Oct 13,2013 22:06

Welcome back. Full Comment>>

Hulk on news Attack of the Crocs! Hundreds of Crocs Loose in Guangdong City(4 comments)
Jun 26,2013 11:35

lmao. Exactly. They'll eat anything in Guangdong. Full Comment>>

Hulk on news African Gigolo-Gate Scandal: Female Sinopec Executive Denies Sex Allegations(12 comments)
Jun 24,2013 21:57

Guy looks Chinese, has Chinese skin, and Chinese hair... yet he's an African male prostitute? K. That's why he isn't looking at the camera, it's an obvious set up. If you ask me, the CCP is probably trying to prevent the U.S. from bidding. Full Comment>>


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