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airyk Sep 24,2014 14:32

Tags: Health & Environment, Expat Rants & Advice, Expat Tales

I got dengue fever a few weeks ago, and I want to write about my experience, but it’s hard. It was traumatic. There were times when I wondered if I would die. Times when I knew I would die ...

airyk Sep 23,2014 20:46

Tags: Health & Environment, Travel, Expat Tales

With lunch still settling in our bellies I came back to the nail city with my friend. We headed into the biggest market where the orders for eviction pasted on walls, were as bold as the noon sun, ...

airyk Sep 22,2014 20:26

Tags: Health & Environment, Travel, Expat Tales

Like a thousand thorns stabbed in the side of lion, the nail city buried itself into the ribs of Guangzhou. I went inside, my friend trailing along. We wandered past buildings tumbled like dominos, ...

airyk Sep 22,2014 10:25

Tags: Travel, Expat Tales

The ladder shivered in the unrelenting wind. I turned around, and looked down. Bad idea. Dozens of stories below, small cars inched by like tiny ants fulfilling the meaning of their lives. My ...

airyk Mar 30,2014 17:40

Tags: Relationships, Language & Culture, Expat Rants & Advice, Expat Tales, Lifestyle

When my wife, Echo gave birth to our son Miles, she had to undergo a “baby month”. During this month a lot odd things happened. Echo wasn’t allowed to eat any fruit, raw ...

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