darkstar1 on easyrider 's blog Streetfood Snacks: My all Time Favorite Delicacies(1 comments)

Apr 26,2013 17:18 comment|36886|228719

I would like to add Stinky Tofu to the list. I know it's not everyone's favorite, but you either love it or hate it. For me, it's all about the sauce that comes with it. Full Comment>>

darkstar1 on TNteaching 's blog Living Abroad: Why China?(3 comments)

Apr 26,2013 17:17 comment|36885|228719

Great! Although I'd love to add language learning to that (although you mentioned that in the Culture section) for me, it's all about the languages learning. Full Comment>>

darkstar1 on news Trying to Make Sense of Sexual Harassment in China(23 comments)

Apr 11,2013 13:58 comment|36573|228719

And try to refrain from sweeping comments about ethnic minorities, it makes you look bad. Been to Romania? Full Comment>>

darkstar1 on darkstar1 's blog Never Been in a Chinese Hospital? Read on to Find Out their True Charm….(4 comments)

Apr 01,2013 08:45 comment|36356|228719

Hey TKA, I really don't know what pills they were though I think they're available in most pharmacies at a reasonable price. If you just say to the pharmacist 我的肠子不舒服 (wo de changzi bu shufu) they might know what to do. Full Comment>>

darkstar1 on news Woman Stalked on Subway by Sexual Deviant (10 comments)

Mar 22,2013 11:10 comment|36218|228719

Because you made the wonderfully sweeping comment that if it was a Laowai she would have been raped. Now in lieu of your intellectual goldmine of a revelation that makes the point that the term Laowai includes many different races, that simply makes your previous comment even overwhelmingly racist. Well done! Full Comment>>

darkstar1 on news Woman Stalked on Subway by Sexual Deviant (10 comments)

Mar 18,2013 17:28 comment|36145|228719

I'll think you'll find this story is all over the China news sphere. Here's one example: http://china.findlaw.cn/news/jrzx/55203.html. Think before you write racist comments next time. Full Comment>>

darkstar1 on news Sports Illustrated Calendar Stirs Race Controversy(4 comments)

Feb 27,2013 16:54 comment|35869|228719

Yeah, those mountains must be beautiful. Full Comment>>

darkstar1 on darkstar1 's blog Unforeseeable Frolics in the Gym(2 comments)

Jan 10,2013 12:42 comment|34907|228719

That sounds nice. Are they Beijing based by any chance?I visited one of those with a friend in South China and it was a massage/spa/healthy center thingy... Still the common room was as smoky and as loud as any Chinese restaurant so relaxation wasn't too possible! Full Comment>>