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13david on surenpillai 's blog Which English? Which accent?(11 comments)
Oct 25,2014 12:57

Don't agree pingsay. I have a Chinese wife who was thankfully taught in a Chinese/ English school. I probably wouldn't have looked at her if she had been taught American english. My Australian friend in Korea isn't the most sought after with his Australian accent. The Koreans want Americans to teach them. Ugh. In ... Full Comment>>

13david on news Ten Tigers Killed in Guangdong; Meat Sold for 500 RMB Per Pound(10 comments)
Mar 31,2014 06:14

Tiger penis soup, crushed Rhino horn, sharks fin soup. Any endangered animal will do. You see so many Chinese men are impotent, they need these things to get it up. Full Comment>>

13david on news Waiting to Exhale: Guide to Buying Face Masks in China(6 comments)
Mar 30,2014 11:19

The Chinese government of course knows exactly who and what is causing the pollution. They cleaned up their act for the olympics so they know exactly how and what to do. Full Comment>>

13david on news Money and Affection: Understanding the Financial Motives Behind Chinese Relationships(24 comments)
Mar 22,2014 09:32

Living in the countryside in Australia is to lose face for my Chinese wife. God I hate that phrase, "losing face". We call it embarrassment. What's so special about "losing face" Maybe "off your face" might throw most Chinese. Surprised no mention of the second most important feature of ... Full Comment>>

13david on news Love and Unavoidable Conflict When Chinese Women and American Men Date(50 comments)
Feb 05,2014 16:54

The biggest problem [ which is slowely wrecking our marriage] is my chinese wife's obsession with cleanliness. I try but I can't measure up and slowly I'm getting to the point where it's all too hard. Any help gladly received. Full Comment>>

13david on news 6 Lifestyles by China’s Wealthy that Caused a Media Storm(2 comments)
Sep 07,2013 10:56

And it's only going to get worse. Saving or showing face is a pain in the face. China is a full on capitalist nation, except for the peasants in the countryside who are despised by the new middle class. Full Comment>>

13david on news China’s Smallest Apartments: Will These “Snail Homes” Prove a Success?(6 comments)
Aug 20,2013 08:37

Like anything in China the rich will be the winners out of this and "the devil take the hindmost, snail" Better than trying to rent in a big city where the rich with their many properties are forcing the rent up. Full Comment>>

13david on news The One-Child Policy & “Social Maintenance Fees”: Where Does all the Money Go?(3 comments)
Aug 20,2013 08:33

May be those women walking around with more than one child are from the rich elite which is a great growth item in China. Plenty of that group pay only "pocket money" as a fine for an extra child. May be there is an upside to this as the "little emperor" symptom is wrecking [?] and changing ... Full Comment>>

13david on news The Weird and the Wonderful: Your Guide to China’s Fruit(6 comments)
Aug 20,2013 08:21

Replying to my own post from way back, the above fruits are wonderful but not "weird". I grow more than 50% of them in my sub tropical garden, but protect them against frost. The rest [ like mangosteen, Randall you dont eat the rind] are common in the Australian tropics. Lychees are my favourite fruit with ... Full Comment>>

13david on news Q&A on China’s New Exit-Entry Administration Law and Regulations(16 comments)
Aug 05,2013 09:22

Visa's not requiring airline tickets and hotel bookings ? How about the ridiculous need for having to show ones passport details for booking into a hotel??? I guess that hasn't changed[?] I guess the communist[?] party wouldn't like visitors "wandering around" and not know where they are[?] By the way ... Full Comment>>

13david on news A Justice System in Question: The Secret Execution of Zeng Chengjie(13 comments)
Jul 25,2013 13:53

Imagine the amount of disappeared people there are, who didn't even get a trial. Full Comment>>

13david on news From Miners to Manufacturers: China’s Most Dangerous Jobs(4 comments)
Jul 25,2013 13:49

Being a poet or writer or dissident is probably even more dangerous Full Comment>>

13david on news Visit Your Parents or Else…: What’s Behind China’s Filial Piety Law? (2 comments)
Jul 24,2013 16:17

Shit is this a spoof? From Deng Xiao Ping old people were effectively "legislated" out of the community. He instituted flat out capitalism and the devil take the hind most,including parents. But I guess in a fscist state all sorts of holes will try to be plugged by an out of touch party. Full Comment>>

13david on news How to Travel to Lhasa by Train or Airplane from Major Cities in China(2 comments)
Jul 05,2013 15:05

But always check that the communist [?] party will let you in, or allow you to travel out from Lhasa. Depends on whether a few local monks decided to self emmolate. Full Comment>>

13david on news What’s the Worst that Can Happen? Dumb Things Expats do in China(8 comments)
Jun 26,2013 16:14

You mention drugs. I saw a sight which stunned me in Lijiang whilst waiting for a bus. There was a high wall opposite us, about 12 feet high. Towering over it were a number of dope plants[ you'll understand that I recognised them from photos I'd seen]. It was about an acre of waste ground, opposite a tourist ... Full Comment>>

13david on news The Wax and Wane of Community Spirit in China(18 comments)
Jun 26,2013 15:56

Agree almost entirely.What other country having smelt capitalism ,rushes to the bright lights and the devil take the hindmost. Not really conducive to community. I think people who have never been to China have no idea what is happening.Hyper capitalism is in action. A city in Oz is "sleepy hollow"in ... Full Comment>>

13david on news Netizens Joke Wendi Deng Left Murdoch for Putin(3 comments)
Jun 18,2013 12:34

Well my first reaction is who cares and my second would be hoping that this all helps the dirty digger to wake up screaming in the night.Thirdly i'd like to see protracted divorce proceeding with Wendy taking the "dirty digger" for billions, mind you she would still need billions and some to move in ... Full Comment>>

13david on news “Oldest Person to Have Ever Lived” Dies in Guangxi Aged 127(5 comments)
Jun 15,2013 15:11

13david on news The Price of Marriage in China: Infographic Shows Astounding Data(5 comments)
Jun 11,2013 14:24

I hope the 'new generation' will cast off these traditions and there is evidence that it is happening. Some insight into my wedding in China. Firstly we decided to not go back to her home town so I have only met her sister. I was told that if i invited even one relative most of the rest would have to be ... Full Comment>>

13david on news Western Beauty, Eastern Faces: Beauty Development in China(9 comments)
Jun 05,2013 10:58

Can't believe that spelling arguments come before discussion of a very important issue in China. If you look at advertising hoardings in China you will hardly ever see a truelly Chinese woman they are nearly all "western". Great role models for young Chinese women and very sad. "White" skin is ... Full Comment>>

13david on news A World of Luxury: A Look Into the Desires of China’s Wealthy Female Consumers (11 comments)
Jun 05,2013 10:29

Immediately reminded me of an article you printed a couple of years ago, where a young woman made a scene when her man wouldn't buy her a mercedes and she drove it through the window. Seems things are still accelerating. Visiting department stores filled with luxury goods, most from overseas is an education. Young ... Full Comment>>

13david on news Only the Patient Expat Shall Pass: Rites of Passage in China(36 comments)
Jun 04,2013 10:32

Just an opening gambit. Love China, shame about the toilets. Full Comment>>

13david on news Only the Patient Expat Shall Pass: Rites of Passage in China(36 comments)
Jun 01,2013 14:54

Yes that Squat toilet looks unused. I have managed to spend 16 weeks in China without using one . Is that a record? It's essential to get all your business over before you leave the hotel. My Chinese wfe and I have a standard argument over the "squat". She argues that it is hygenic. Not having to sit where ... Full Comment>>

13david on news 10 Ridiculous Reports Published by Chinese Media Recently(6 comments)
May 28,2013 14:29

Jinping talking to a taxi driver. Must have been staged. Is he the new Chinese Kennedy? What would the proletariat know. Presumably they cannot "investigate any of these propositions. They are constantly in the dark and fed bullshit. All media is controlled by the "communist"party. If you want your ... Full Comment>>

13david on news 5 Guilty Pleasures in China Expats Secretly Enjoy(36 comments)
May 23,2013 09:57

Not sure what you mean . Rep system ? Enlighten me. Full Comment>>

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