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juanisaac May 22,2014 15:08

Tags: Language & Culture

The first few months that I stayed in China I started to learn the language in the small town of Hai’an, Jiangsu. I was not learning the national language but the local dialect. A colleague ...

juanisaac May 05,2014 13:18

Tags: Arts & Entertainment, Business & Jobs, Food, Language & Culture, Lifestyle

At first thought, the idea of opening up a Western-type bar in China should not be hard. However, what is a Western bar? Bars come in variations such as an English or Irish pub, a German ...

juanisaac Apr 28,2014 15:52

Tags: Arts & Entertainment, Teaching & Learning, Language & Culture

At a friend's house I saw her young son and another boy put plastic chairs on their backs and pretend they were turtles- nothing special for imaginative children. However, those same children after ...

juanisaac Apr 08,2014 14:00

Tags: Health & Environment, Food, Language & Culture, Lifestyle

I first came to China in 2002 as an exchange student to Hong Kong. One of the first things that surprised me was what the Chinese ate: everything from the Animalia, Plantae, and Fungi kingdoms and ...

juanisaac Mar 31,2014 12:59

Tags: Travel, Food, Expat Tales, Lifestyle

Kitchen International is a famous eatery located in New York City where if someone breaks the rules, they are banned from the establishment until the punishment is completed. In Seth Godin's book ...

juanisaac Jun 30,2013 22:43

Tags: General

Writing about ethnicity and race is a tough subject for people in the United States and other parts of the world since you can always offend someone somehow. Immigration and interaction of ...

juanisaac Jun 07,2013 21:22

Tags: Teaching & Learning

I work at a senior middle school in Jiangsu Province, China, the high school equivalent in the United States. The school has 2,652 students in grades one to three and is located in a small ...

juanisaac May 30,2013 13:24

Tags: Expat Tales

Whenever I look at a map of China I see that the cities are not named after people. In many countries, cities are named after heroes and political leaders like Washington D.C. or Lincoln, Nebraska ...

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