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abel-1992 on news Tips for Surviving Quarantine in China(9 comments)
Oct 28,2020 05:52

Very interesting! Full Comment>>

abel-1992 on news Popping the Question? The Rules of Engagements in China(10 comments)
Oct 09,2020 03:45

Interesting post! Full Comment>>

abel-1992 on news A Beginner’s Guide to Renting an Apartment in China(9 comments)
Oct 07,2020 00:33

Very helpful post! Thanks! Full Comment>>

abel-1992 on news 6 Perks of Working at a Big Chinese Tech Company(7 comments)
Oct 03,2020 04:49

Thanks for the info! Full Comment>>

abel-1992 on news China Expats with Valid Visas Can Return Without Additional Permit(10 comments)
Sep 26,2020 03:59

Great news! Full Comment>>

abel-1992 on news 4 Ways to Spot Job Scams in China(15 comments)
Sep 15,2020 14:50

Thanks for this post, its very helpful for me because I’m looking for a first job in china. Full Comment>>

abel-1992 on news 8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get a Dog as an Expat Living China(13 comments)
Sep 11,2020 05:08

I understand the point of the article but don't forget the benefits of having a dog. For example: Dogs can relieve stress, make us more social, they also help in keeping us in good shape. Full Comment>>

abel-1992 on news Beijing Allows in International Flights After 5-Month Ban(7 comments)
Sep 03,2020 21:39

It’s a really good new, I hope we can go back to normality in early 2021. Full Comment>>

abel-1992 on news China to Start Allowing Entry to Nationals of 36 European Countries(10 comments)
Aug 14,2020 03:33

Is this also available for people who still not work in China but is looking for job? I mean if a company wants to sign me, would china embassy give me a work visa (Z)? Full Comment>>


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