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Fatai2356 on news Diplomats, Business Leaders Call on China to Lift Foreigner Travel Ban(10 comments)
Apr 22,2020 00:17

Why naa China, stop discriminating us Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news Some Beijing Schools to Reopen on April 27(7 comments)
Apr 21,2020 00:54

Fatai2356 on news Who Are We? Race and Face in China(5 comments)
Apr 21,2020 00:53

Amazing china Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news Han Chinese: Constructing the Largest Ethnic Group in the World(9 comments)
Apr 21,2020 00:52

Fatai2356 on news Overcrowding in China: The Cons are Obvious, What About the Pros? (8 comments)
Apr 21,2020 00:51

rising wages? middle class wealth? what a joke, they still earn like nothing even in cities like shanghai. They effort a 500 rmb trip to somewhere because they save for it long time. You can come back with your "wealth" and "rising wages" when they can travel international like most people do for ... Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news 4 Major Differences Between Rural and Urban China(22 comments)
Apr 21,2020 00:49

Why are they differnt Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news China’s Top 5 Lower Tier Cities For Expats to Live(4 comments)
Apr 21,2020 00:47

A delight for food lovers (particularly those with a spicier palette), Chengdu is a must for anyone visiting China, and there’s plenty to entice people for a more long term stay too. The city was voted as having the ‘best economy’ in 2015 by the US based Milken institute (Beijing came in at a hard 13th), owing to ... Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news A More Western China? 4 Areas Where the West Has Impacted China (14 comments)
Apr 21,2020 00:44

When compared to Hong Kong, China is, and will always be, light years behind Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news The World’s Most Interesting Chinatowns Outside of Asia(1 comments)
Apr 21,2020 00:43

New york Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news Creative Crops: Urban Farming in China(13 comments)
Apr 20,2020 03:53

I've seen wheat being grown on the sidewalk and in traffic circles Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news Dating in China - Tips for Your First Close Encounter(6 comments)
Apr 20,2020 03:51

This goes without saying, but don’t expect to get lucky after your first date. Statistically, there’s a 50/50 chance it will happen, but no matter who you’re on a date with, don’t push it. Some Chinese people still live with their parents and need to be home by a certain time, despite being 20+ years old. As the ... Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news How to Win Over Your Chinese Girlfriend’s Parents (7 comments)
Apr 20,2020 03:50

Love this article Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news What to Expect When Marrying into a Chinese Family(2 comments)
Apr 20,2020 03:49

Ceremony Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news 5 Fun and Unusual Chinese Wedding Traditions(6 comments)
Apr 20,2020 03:48

I feel like marry chinese people Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China You Must Visit(11 comments)
Apr 20,2020 02:50

Amazing china Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news Little Emperors in the Workplace(1 comments)
Apr 20,2020 02:48

According to Zhang Weiqing, the Minister in charge of the National Population and Family Planning Commission, said, “Because China has worked hard over the last 30 years, we have 400 million fewer people.” When we consider the following statistics, this population reduction is quite possibly a major benefit for ... Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news 7 Tips for Surviving the Chinese Workplace(50 comments)
Apr 20,2020 02:47

Wow, soo fantatic article Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news What You Need to Know About Transferring Money Overseas From China(31 comments)
Apr 19,2020 04:40

Western union Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news 10+ Countries Where You Can Use Your Chinese Driver’s License(9 comments)
Apr 19,2020 04:37

Fantatic Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news How to Bike-Share Like a Pro in China(3 comments)
Apr 19,2020 04:36

Most of the competition will die off, just as the majority of car manufacturers did in the US over time. Realistically speaking, it seems Mobike and Ofo will come out on top (or even merge), while a few niche bikes like the electronic Xiangqi Chuxing could survive or get bought out. Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news No Money, No Honey: The Price of Love in China(6 comments)
Apr 18,2020 00:22

I soon learned, however, that many of my Chinese male friends had been dumped by girls for not ponying up gifts from the start of their relationships. The girls expected all meals to be paid for by the boyfriend and regular expensive gifts for themselves and even their parents. One of my Chinese friends said bluntly ... Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news Is the West’s ‘Red Scare' About China Valid?(7 comments)
Apr 18,2020 00:20

Very interested Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news Quiet, Please! Noise Polllution in China(25 comments)
Apr 16,2020 03:25

Noise pollution is a problem in a country. Where they are many, like china Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news Scoot in Style: Life with a Scooter in China(30 comments)
Apr 16,2020 03:23

A good piece-of-mind measure to defend yourself against accidents and injury is insurance. You should always have medical insurance, especially if you have a scooter, period. Scooters can be very dangerous and repairing broken bones at an international hospital can cost an arm and a leg (no pun intended). It may ... Full Comment>>

Fatai2356 on news The Ultimate Guide to Scooter Maintenance in China(1 comments)
Apr 16,2020 03:21

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