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Fziba on news China to ‘Make Travel Ban Exceptions’ for Key Foreign Executives(5 comments)
May 19,2020 18:32

the government is really striving to contain the disease, kudos. Full Comment>>

Fziba on Fziba 's blog The Impacts Of Violent Video Games In The Society (1 comments)
May 19,2020 18:27

A word for parents Full Comment>>

Fziba on news China’s Development and its Quest to Control Nature(2 comments)
Apr 12,2020 15:07

That's China for you, they'll always find solutions to problems... Even Nature caused problems Full Comment>>

Fziba on news Record-Breaking Weather Extremes in Recent Chinese History(2 comments)
Apr 12,2020 15:03

Too bad weather cannot be altered by human activities. Full Comment>>

Fziba on news From Nuclear Plants to Land Seizures: When Protests are Successful in China(1 comments)
Apr 10,2020 16:22

Protests sometimes isn't the answer Full Comment>>

Fziba on news 7 Awesome Chinese Movies that Every Expat Should Watch(12 comments)
Apr 09,2020 23:17

Whoooa.... Nezha is one interesting movie Full Comment>>

Fziba on news How to Decide Whether or Not it’s Time to Leave China(2 comments)
Apr 08,2020 22:18

That was then, right now, people(especially foreigners) are looking for ways to leave China. Full Comment>>

Fziba on news 4 Reasons to Ditch Your Teacher and Study Mandarin Chinese Solo(6 comments)
Apr 08,2020 22:12

Wow, I'm really inspired, love this. Kudos to you for writing at such great length. Full Comment>>

Fziba on news 7 Rules About Part-Time Jobs in China(4 comments)
Apr 07,2020 21:59

Good thing I'm enlightened, now I know what I should expect when picking a Part time job in China Full Comment>>

Fziba on news Coronavirus Restrictions to be Determined by County Risk Status(3 comments)
Apr 07,2020 21:55

Once thought the virus was all over China. Full Comment>>

Fziba on news 8 Reasons to Look for Work in China(3 comments)
Apr 07,2020 21:47


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