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tjh14 on news Popping the Question? The Rules of Engagements in China(10 comments)
Nov 08,2020 11:06

I wouldn't be afraid to get married in China. They don't have the feminist laws that favor the woman as in the west. Whoever bought the house gets to keep it in China. Support agreements aren't enforced either. Full Comment>>

tjh14 on news 7 Things to Know Before Your First English Teaching Job in China(17 comments)
Nov 08,2020 10:59

Much less stressful than a training center. Salaries aren't as high but they give you extra classes. Lots of holidays. Full Comment>>

tjh14 on news 7 Things to Know Before Your First English Teaching Job in China(17 comments)
Oct 28,2020 06:10

University jobs are the best by far. A light teaching load and they treat you well. Enough extra time to moonlight at a training center on the weekends. I had 12 teaching hours per week. Also you live on a quiet campus even in the middle of a big city. Full Comment>>

tjh14 on news EF China Teacher Pleads Guilty to Sexually Exploiting Former Student(24 comments)
Oct 21,2020 09:10

Disgusting pervert. There are many beautiful women to date in China so I don't understand this. I and many friends met their wives working in China. But it's not only bad Laowai doing this. South China Morning Post said: "Chinese courts heard 8,332 cases of child molestation from June 2017 until June 2019, the ... Full Comment>>

tjh14 on news Foreign Teachers in China May Be Permitted to Take Part-Time Jobs(10 comments)
Sep 03,2020 08:20

Most every teacher I know has been cheated at least once in China by an unscrupulous school. For example, at the end of the contract my friend's school shorted him money because he was leaving. So he stood outside the school entrance, telling all the incoming students about it. Within an hour, the boss came running ... Full Comment>>

tjh14 on news 5 Tips for Teaching English to Low-Level Adults in China(8 comments)
Aug 13,2020 09:18

Most major English schools in China don't assign foreigners to teach low level students. That's what the Chinese teachers are for. If you have to teach low level students, you need a better job. Full Comment>>

tjh14 on news Tougher Regulations on the Cards for Foreign Teachers in China(6 comments)
Aug 05,2020 00:50

The best rule of thumb is not to say anything negative about China even if it is obviously true. Full Comment>>

tjh14 on news 6 Reasons Why Foreigners in China Get Deported(11 comments)
Jul 15,2020 00:36

The China Law Blog now tells people to not teach English in China because of all the harrassment. Such a shame. I had the time of my life in China (2008-2015) and things have really gone downhill it seems. Maybe you can get some Chinese to teach you Engrish. Full Comment>>

tjh14 on news 4 China Expats Dish on Their Relationships with Their Chinese In-Laws(8 comments)
Jul 15,2020 00:24

My Chinese wife's family is much better than my family of origin. They are kind and supportive and stick together. No back biting or aggression. They are just great! Full Comment>>

tjh14 on news 5 Cases of Reverse Culture Shock for Expats Who Leave China(16 comments)
Jun 07,2020 11:34

Coning back to the States, I soon realized that everything was racist or sexist or some other "ist" dreamed up by the Left. How moronic. I miss China where I could just be myself and people were not hypersensitive to the point of mental illness. Full Comment>>

tjh14 on news Foreigners Breaking Corona Rules Could be ‘Deported and Banned for 10 Years’(21 comments)
May 25,2020 05:05

Being banned from China could be more of a benefit than punishment. There are many nicer and less totalitarian countries in Asia to work and live. Soon you won't have many foreigners to expel as they are voluntarily leaving or when their companies relocate to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Taiwan. Full Comment>>

tjh14 on news 6 Traditional Hobbies That Will Benefit Your Life in China(14 comments)
Nov 04,2019 06:11

Probably the most ridiculous comment I've read in 20 years on the Internet. You have either low reading comprehension or IQ, likely both. Full Comment>>

tjh14 on news The Dos and Don’ts of Confrontation for Expats Living in China(6 comments)
Oct 19,2019 10:28

I have made all these mistakes. Getting angry is hard to avoid if you've come from a culture where yelling is normal. But anywhere in Asia, getting angry is bad. Full Comment>>


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