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LESchools on news 5 Labour Laws You Should Know About if You Work in China(6 comments)
May 07,2019 14:57

From the State Council in Mainland China "Weekends are usually swapped with the weekdays next to the actual holiday to create a longer vacation period." Full Comment>>

LESchools on news 5 Labour Laws You Should Know About if You Work in China(6 comments)
May 05,2019 10:25

No, you are wrong. The holiday is 3 days and then the government with delare it "week holiday" but then people have to work days to make it up. If you worked in China you would know this. Full Comment>>

LESchools on news 6 Ways for Foreigners to Make Friends in the Chinese Workplace(5 comments)
Nov 05,2018 15:02

What happened to the article? Full Comment>>

LESchools on news How to Avoid Conflicts While Living in China(3 comments)
Feb 23,2018 16:34

Good advice, honest about the difficult side of living in China and not just platitudes (because China) Full Comment>>

LESchools on news 5 Labour Laws You Should Know About if You Work in China(6 comments)
Feb 07,2018 17:20

Take note National Week and Spring Festival, the fabled GOLDEN WEEK of Chinese holidays, the government only say the holiday is Three days. Anything more will depend on the institution you are working for. Also a China thing, they do make up days for those holidays, especially for the one day holidays often work the ... Full Comment>>

LESchools on news Google Maps Are Working Again in China!(2 comments)
Jan 18,2018 11:05

Or use Apple maps Full Comment>>

LESchools on news The Definitive Guide to Giving and Receiving Hong Bao(8 comments)
Jan 11,2018 15:08

When it comes to you (Foreigner) going to a colleagues (Chinese) wedding, you can ask them or another co-worker if you should provide a hong bao. Since the giving of a hong bao is considered reciprocal, some don't mind if you don't give one and give a gift instead. Full Comment>>

LESchools on news Foreign Students Want to Stay in China but Can't Get Work Visas(2 comments)
Jan 11,2018 15:02

The requirements have tightened on teachers. Also a number of things are needed to apply that have to be done in their home countries. Full Comment>>

LESchools on news Tips for First-Time English Teachers in China(4 comments)
Jan 11,2018 15:01

New teachers, new employees need to be more aware of the changing schedules. A number of fresh from school grads get really taken aback when something changes. Full Comment>>

LESchools on news Foreign Workers in China to See Pay Rise in 2018(3 comments)
Jan 04,2018 14:54

Normally when these statistics are done they are not including training center positions. I see IT mentioned a lot, and education once. Full Comment>>

LESchools on news 6 Big Differences Between Chinese and Western Workplaces(8 comments)
Dec 29,2017 10:04

A good article, you presented the overall common broad strokes without getting into all the different variations. It would be a good thing for college grads without work experience to read. Training centers will not be Google or Facebook and also are not going to follow their example. Full Comment>>

LESchools on news 5 Ways to Make Your China Job Work for You at Home(5 comments)
Dec 27,2017 10:35

For corporate work need to have skills or experience they company can't get locally. Being a native English speaker and a western degree aren't really door openers. Full Comment>>

LESchools on news China’s Latest Work Visa and Resident Permit Rules(32 comments)
Dec 26,2017 16:26

While it is a long process, it also means no more worrying about police raids and getting kick out of the country because you are not on the correct visa. Full Comment>>


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