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Anton1991 on news 5 Reasons Why Foreigners Come Work in China (34 comments)
Jan 21,2017 20:53

Extremely developing everything is the reason I go to China! Full Comment>>

Anton1991 on news What Are China’s Future First-Tier Cities?(2 comments)
Jan 21,2017 20:37

So only 4 cities are already considered as first-tier cities. I wonder which place SHenyang will take. As a capital of the Liaoning province it must be the second-tier city Full Comment>>

Anton1991 on news The 9 Most Developed Mega Cities in China(1 comments)
Jan 21,2017 19:44

I wonder which place Shenyang takes? =) Full Comment>>

Anton1991 on news Five Events in Chinese History (That Every Laowai Should Know About)(49 comments)
Jan 19,2017 20:21

Chinese history is exciting! Full Comment>>

Anton1991 on news McDonald’s Sells Holdings in China and Hong Kong for $2 billion(3 comments)
Jan 19,2017 20:20

Never liked McDonald's Full Comment>>

Anton1991 on news Record Number of Chinese Tourists Plan to Go Abroad for Spring Festival(5 comments)
Jan 19,2017 15:11

Chinese tourists break all the records in Russia, I think everywhere else also =) Full Comment>>

Anton1991 on news Investment Worries: Can Northeastern and Western China Catch Up?(2 comments)
Jan 18,2017 20:01

South is much more developed in China. But anyway, difference is not crucial Full Comment>>

Anton1991 on news Making the Grade: China’s New Foreigner Visa System(17 comments)
Jan 18,2017 19:37

Be classified as a person...reminds me of 1984. But I hope the changes are not so severe Full Comment>>

Anton1991 on news How to Successfully Switch ESL Jobs in China(34 comments)
Jan 18,2017 19:34

Very useful information! Full Comment>>

Anton1991 on news 5 Tips for Succeeding in China’s Changing Job Market(41 comments)
Jan 18,2017 19:30

We definetely shall learn Mandarin! Full Comment>>

Anton1991 on news Teaching Tips: How to Survive Your First ESL Class (7 comments)
Jan 18,2017 19:28

Google, or baidu=) Full Comment>>

Anton1991 on news Budgeting in Beijing: Living on 10,000 Yuan per Month(41 comments)
Dec 24,2016 10:04

So, this budget is nice =) Full Comment>>


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