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Douglas.H.Brown on news 8 Survival Tips for Newbies Moving to China(5 comments)
Feb 22,2020 21:10

Don't eat bats! Or other wildlife Full Comment>>

Douglas.H.Brown on news 6 Ways to Get Your Money Out of China (4 comments)
Jul 05,2019 21:49

PayPal - fast, and simple. USD $45.00 service charge per USD $1000.00 transferred. The exchange rate is a bit rough though. Full Comment>>

Douglas.H.Brown on news 5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Being Headhunted in China(4 comments)
Jun 14,2019 21:15

Breathing can be optional in some cases LOL Full Comment>>

Douglas.H.Brown on news 7 of the Weirdest Things Ever Sold on Taobao(3 comments)
May 10,2019 14:07

I'm trying to find the rent-a-date LMAO Full Comment>>

Douglas.H.Brown on news 7 Ways Chinese Company Culture is Unique(4 comments)
May 10,2019 14:05

Awesome response! I agree! Full Comment>>

Douglas.H.Brown on news 7 Things Foreigners in China Should Never Say to a Local(11 comments)
Apr 24,2019 15:50

I'm only here for the money. The locals can do what they want as long as they leave me out of it. Full Comment>>


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