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rsantibanezab on Danman202 's blog Jangxia- Wuhan(1 comments)
Feb 19,2017 11:08

It's a beautifull text. Thank you!! Full Comment>>

rsantibanezab on DAG59 's blog Using Hybridized Teaching Methodologies in China(1 comments)
Feb 19,2017 11:02

Thank you, this info is very interesting. It's good to know about the modernization o the the pedagogy in China Full Comment>>

rsantibanezab on news Using 12110: How to Text the Police for Help in China(4 comments)
Feb 19,2017 10:56

Thanks! It's a very usefull info. Full Comment>>

rsantibanezab on news Blind Dates and Spring Festival(7 comments)
Feb 19,2017 10:51

Mmmmn, maybe it's more easy with apps, like tinder Full Comment>>

rsantibanezab on news Brighter Days: Healthy Tips for Polluted Days(6 comments)
Feb 19,2017 10:48

When I was in Beijing, was a wonderfull and clean day... for luck Full Comment>>

rsantibanezab on news Chinese Government to Start Keeping Biometrics Information of Foreigners(12 comments)
Feb 19,2017 10:46

I think it's a very rasoneable law. Full Comment>>

rsantibanezab on news 5 Fascinating Chinese Customs and Traditions That Will Blow Your Mind(4 comments)
Feb 19,2017 10:46

I always imagine these things when I study chinese history Full Comment>>


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