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Dandman on news 7 Awesome Chinese Movies that Every Expat Should Watch(9 comments)
Oct 26,2020 03:51

On a random note, if you ever get to experience 4d cinema in China, it's amazing! The seats move and smells are pumped into the theatre to add to the immersion. Full Comment>>

Dandman on news Transgender Woman Wins Court Battle After Firing From Chinese E-commerce Site(7 comments)
Oct 26,2020 03:47

I respect the judgement made, but I imagine Ms Gao probably won't feel too comfortable working there after all of this. Full Comment>>

Dandman on news 5 Cases of Reverse Culture Shock for Expats Who Leave China(16 comments)
Oct 26,2020 03:43

It's bizarre how alien everything feels when you go back to your home country after being in China for a few years. I find it strange that people don't mention it much at all. I really miss Wechat pay myself. It made everything so easy! Full Comment>>

Dandman on news EF China Teacher Pleads Guilty to Sexually Exploiting Former Student(23 comments)
Oct 20,2020 15:58

Horrific. As a father of young children myself, I hope he gets the maximum sentence possible. Full Comment>>

Dandman on news 6 Perks of Working at a Big Chinese Tech Company(7 comments)
Oct 09,2020 16:53

This was an interesting read, thanks. Full Comment>>

Dandman on news Foreigners Breaking Corona Rules Could be ‘Deported and Banned for 10 Years’(21 comments)
Oct 09,2020 03:24

Fair enough really. If people are knowingly breaking the rules or regulations set up, then it makes sense to get them out. Full Comment>>

Dandman on news Popping the Question? The Rules of Engagements in China(10 comments)
Oct 09,2020 03:18

This is an odd article. Just speak to your partner about their expectations and be respectful of their family and traditions and there shouldn't be a problem. Full Comment>>

Dandman on news A Quick Guide to Working Conditions for Expats in China(10 comments)
Oct 08,2020 03:31

Health insurance is a big one and something a lot of people from here in the UK seem to gloss over in my experience. Incredibly important given the price of some surgical procedures etc. Full Comment>>

Dandman on news 4 Ways to Spot Job Scams in China(15 comments)
Oct 08,2020 03:26

It always pays to be careful. If you have even the slightest doubt whether things are on the up and up, then walk away. Full Comment>>

Dandman on news Why After Six Years in China, I Still Can’t Live Without Western Food(17 comments)
Oct 08,2020 03:19

I know exactly where you're coming from. I love Chinese food, especially Sichuan cuisine, but the taste of home is always somewhat comforting. My wife never understands why I buy terribly pricey western style sausages and things every so often either! Full Comment>>

Dandman on news The 5 Biggest Changes I’ve Seen After 10 Years as an Expat Living in China(20 comments)
Oct 08,2020 03:12

It's always a shock how much things change when you stop to consider them. I spent almost 3 years in China before making a trip back to the UK. By the time I got back, Britain felt like an alien planet compared to what I was used to in China, lol. Full Comment>>

Dandman on news A Beginner’s Guide to Renting an Apartment in China(9 comments)
Oct 08,2020 03:08

An interesting take on the subject. I've always been lucky enough to live on campus in previous jobs. Full Comment>>

Dandman on news Huashan Mountain Trek: Breathtaking Views, Plenty of Danger (1 comments)
Oct 07,2020 22:40

Looking online, Mount Hua looks like a beautiful place. Definitely one to add to my list! Full Comment>>

Dandman on news China Expats with Valid Visas Can Return Without Additional Permit(10 comments)
Oct 07,2020 22:37

Does anybody know if foreigners that do not currently hold a visa are able to apply and travel to China currently? Specifically a work visa to potentially start employment with a new company. Full Comment>>

Dandman on news 6 Reasons Why Foreigners in China Get Deported(11 comments)
Oct 07,2020 22:35

To be honest, the first 5 are just common sense and the same everywhere. In terms of the final law mentioned, I don't know too much about it, but if it's just a case of my messages being monitored and Internet usage being checked, then that's fine. I never use a VPN or anything while in China and I have nothing to ... Full Comment>>

Dandman on news Want to Set up a Business in China? Why Chongqing is a Good Option(3 comments)
Oct 07,2020 22:29

Chongqing is a lovely city, but from experience there are some difficulties if you're not familiar with the area and you have a young child in a pushchair. So many bridges over the roads that are only accessible via steps. On the bright side, it was certainly a good workout carrying the pram up them! Lol. Full Comment>>

Dandman on news Foreign Teachers in China May Be Permitted to Take Part-Time Jobs(10 comments)
Oct 07,2020 22:11

I have no problem with the credit system if it works fairly, my only concern would be if institutions could lie about events to malign people. I would think the Chinese government would likely investigate any allegations made to ensure the truth of the situation. Full Comment>>


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