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stevekurktschiev on news Chengdu’s New & Improved Metro: Its History, Present and Ambitious Future(1 comments)
Jan 08,2016 03:03

I am very eager to see line 3 and 4. When I was in Chengdu last year I drove to the last station of line 1 (after ocean park). It's fun to test these routes. Hopefully they will soon build the metro to the airport, this would be very very useful. Full Comment>>

stevekurktschiev on news Clean Drinking Water in China: Is it Possible? (9 comments)
Jan 08,2016 02:44

Yes, it is. You can easily find a solution for the drinking, but how can you resolve the shower problem effectively ? I just asked myself how it is at hotels... Full Comment>>

stevekurktschiev on news Chengdu Transport - Introduction(1 comments)
Jan 08,2016 02:26

I remember the north railway station (火车北站) very well, my hotel was somewhere nearby. Full Comment>>

stevekurktschiev on news 6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Guangzhou(1 comments)
Jan 08,2016 02:18

And you can visit the highest TV tower. It's even higher than the one in Beijing. Full Comment>>

stevekurktschiev on news Budget Shanghai: Living on 10,000 Yuan Per Month(24 comments)
Jan 06,2016 18:03

What about Chengdu ? Are 10 000 元 enough to ensure a pleasant life ? Full Comment>>


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