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Elhabib on news Number of Foreign Thieves in Shanghai on the Rise(35 comments)
Apr 16,2016 14:44

people tend to generalise, Freaking Idiots, a criminal is a criminal, be it foreigner or Chinese. Full Comment>>

Elhabib on news The Relationship Minefield: 4 Challenges for Multicultural Couples(120 comments)
Mar 02,2016 16:18

most important of all, Make sure you are fair to each other, try your best to understand Chinese culture, she has to do the same. of course both of you need a language for communication, Chinese, English, French, Arabic or.... most important is both of you have to communicate. My wife is Chinese, luckily she studied ... Full Comment>>

Elhabib on news Beijing Man Awarded 3,000 Yuan for Falsely Accusing Foreigner of Terrorist Activity (28 comments)
Mar 02,2016 15:24

i think it could happen in any country in the world, because no body would make a joke by telling or reporting that someone is a terrorist which is not true, unless he/she is a freaking idiot with psychological problems. Full Comment>>

Elhabib on news Expats in China: How Valuable Are They to Employers? (77 comments)
Feb 26,2016 18:17

well, i agree with you to extent, as an expert and from your own rich experience, would you please share a criteria to distinguish those quality expats from those who fucked up back home??. Full Comment>>

Elhabib on news Runaway Brides: 16 Vietnamese Women Disappear from a Fujian Village (14 comments)
Feb 24,2016 18:23

iam still wondering why some people think that they can buy brides?. there are limits to what money can buy, and people or humans are at the bottom of the list, you can hire humans to do a specific task, but you shall never buy someone as a wife or husband, one you pay them, they will run away. Full Comment>>

Elhabib on news Expats in China: How Valuable Are They to Employers? (77 comments)
Feb 24,2016 18:18

who the hell are you in Heaven's Name to judge people, this one is successful, this one is a looooooser?. every country in the world needs expats and China is not an exception. Full Comment>>

Elhabib on news Why China is Hesitant to Send Troops to Fight ISIS(36 comments)
Dec 01,2015 18:39

The Chinese are very smart, American politicians are the one's that are so dumb, while those leaders have shelter and roofs against bullets and any kind of weapons, the lay and the mass are the one's that are paying the price, so there are western governments supported not by their people, but by pigs that are ... Full Comment>>


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