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RandomGuy on news China’s New Tax Rules for Foreigners Explained(3 comments)
Jun 04,2019 08:45

These rules are unenforceable since they have absolutely no way to find out how much foreigners earn outside of China. You can just declare zero income overseas and they can't even check whether it's actually true. China doesn't share banking data or any data with other countries and vice-versa, unlike say Western ... Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news 7 Things Foreigners in China Should Never Say to a Local(9 comments)
Jun 03,2019 19:42

Seems it's okay for Chinese people to say all sorts of ignorant shortsighted things about other countries, but if you say anything about China then OMG it's the end of the world. Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news When to Speak Up and When to Hold Your Tongue in a Chinese Office(2 comments)
Jun 03,2019 19:37

Honestly as a foreigner in a Chinese office there is no reason to follow the rules, you won't get promoted or rewarded anyway no matter how much buttocks you kiss. Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news How to Improve your ‘Foreigner Grade’ for a China Work Visa(2 comments)
Apr 27,2018 01:15

I know right, who gives a damn about their grade system, people who do must be really insecure. I'm an A okay, but I don't look at the card and get a hard on or something. Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news Misconceptions I had About Chinese People Before Moving to China(3 comments)
Apr 27,2018 01:09

Perhaps if Chinese people stopped lumping all non-Chinese into the same 'English speaking American in China to teach kiddies' and acting according to it (typically condescending, mocking, etc...) then we would have an easier time communicating with each others. It's even worse when you are Black, they lump you into ... Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news Living in China? Here’s What the Locals Hate About You(8 comments)
Mar 29,2018 22:20

I really don't care what Chinese people think of me. I always catch people staring at me, don't they have anything better to do? If they don't like what they are seeing, be it me licking my fingers or kissing my wife, then maybe they shouldn't be staring at me in the first place, it's so simple and obvious, problem ... Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news How to Successfully Switch ESL Jobs in China(34 comments)
Feb 14,2017 13:33

The best you can do these days is work on a business visa, the requirements for working visa are just too harsh it's not worth it anymore to earn less than a burger flipper back home. Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news How to Successfully Switch ESL Jobs in China(34 comments)
Feb 14,2017 13:31

Westerners don't look down on other people making less money than them, it's a very Chinese thing to do so. As for the days of poorly-qualified teachers coming to an end, bad prediction mate, still not the case more than 4 years later, if anything Chinese employers are more desperate for Foreign teachers than ever ... Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news McDonald’s Sells Holdings in China and Hong Kong for $2 billion(3 comments)
Feb 14,2017 13:27

Cashing out before everything comes to a halt, smart move. Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news Chinese Government to Start Keeping Biometrics Information of Foreigners(12 comments)
Feb 14,2017 13:22

If that means less waiting at border checkpoints and no more yellow entry form, then I'm all for it. Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news Understanding the Construction of the ‘Asian-Guy’ Stereotype(4 comments)
Feb 11,2017 02:34

I agree that generalising is ridiculous, you might want to say that to those White women and Asian men who generalise every White man/Asian woman couples as being "a self-hating woman with a loser White supremacist who couldn't get anyone back home" because it's very far from the actual truth and yet lots ... Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news Is There a Growing Wave of Nationalism in China?(14 comments)
Feb 02,2017 19:38

Of course it is, it's mostly the men though, women anywhere in the world tend to be more liberal, China is no exception. Also the ongoing gender gap isn't helping with millions of men unable to find a woman, there is bound to be a lot of envy and hostility when they see Foreigners with hot Chinese girls. Other ... Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news Is There a Growing Wave of Nationalism in China?(14 comments)
Feb 02,2017 19:10

The story goes as they used to claim 3000 years in total. When Jiang Zemin visited Egypt in the late 90s he realized that they have 4000 years of proven history over there. That's when they came up with 5000 years, because China MUST have the longest history. Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news Why Do Chinese People Want Trump to Get Elected?(8 comments)
Nov 08,2016 22:00

My 2 cents, Trump can be negotiated with, he is first and foremost a businessman, he will negotiate with China and come to an agreement on every known problems. Hillary is a known psychotic and extremely ruthless person, she will blast off China from the map if it keeps bullying its way around, she may also start a ... Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news 5 Stereotypes of Chinese (that only people who haven't lived in China believe)(26 comments)
Oct 29,2016 00:44

"Chinese are smart" is a misconceived idea in the West. Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news Expats in China: What Lessons Do They Take Away?(32 comments)
Oct 29,2016 00:41

The lesson I have taken with me is that not all cultures are equal and that Chinese culture stands somewhere near the bottom. I don't attribute any of the rude, inconsiderate behaviors I see I on a daily basis to race, but to culture. Plenty of fine ethnically Chinese people in Taiwan or in the West. Unlike many ... Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news When to Hold Your Tongue: The Importance of Respecting “Face”(24 comments)
Oct 04,2016 18:31

I will only respect their 'face' when they respect mine. Any Chinese who points out my flaws (that I am aware of, we all have flaws) can expect me to do so in return. Then no amount of stomping and shouting and "you hurt my feelings" will cut it, you are a moron and I hate you, now get lost. Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news Jiangsu is China’s Wealthiest Province in Terms of Per Capita GDP(5 comments)
Oct 04,2016 18:22

Zhejiang may be silly rich but it's a complete shit hole full of rude people. I know this very well for wifey is from Wenzhou, and she has nothing good to say about it. She is much better off living here in Guangdong and going back to Zhejiang as rarely as possible. Fortunately some people realize that there is more ... Full Comment>>

She was adopted by Americans because Chinese very rarely adopt children. Blood lineage is very important to the Chinese and "not my blood? don't care". That's why China has so many orphans. Fun fact, people in China can actually bypass the family planning policy if they adopt, they can have two children on ... Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news Black Cab Driver Calls Student a Traitor for Helping Lost Foreigner (11 comments)
Oct 04,2016 17:59

So let's summarize here. Illegal business owner threatens a law abiding citizen for warning a Foreigner about to be scammed. In other countries, you know countries with working law enforcement, the black taxi could be fined and maybe jailed for running an illegal operation, it would take all but 5 seconds for the ... Full Comment>>

OMG what a complete shock! Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news Extramarital Affairs in China: The Key to a Modern Marriage?(23 comments)
Aug 29,2016 19:08

The true question is, what's the point of getting married if both parties don't enjoy the company of each other? Though I agree that China is full of sexually unsatisfied women looking for something a little more exotic. I have had my fair share of married women and their husband (who did not do them anymore) trying ... Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news Does China's Materialistic Image Really Represent Most Chinese?(41 comments)
Aug 12,2016 01:10

True but much worse in China because other countries were not stripped of everything but materialism, the Chinese have no other ways to compare themselves beside materialism. Where a rich Indian may use his money to build a Buddhist temple in order to show everyone how high he is compared to them, the Chinese can't ... Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news Does China's Materialistic Image Really Represent Most Chinese?(41 comments)
Aug 12,2016 01:04

Jealousy is indeed very strong in daily life here. Everyday, everywhere I can feel people throwing me stares of anger because I'm a handsome tall and muscular laowai with a good professional situation and a tall smart hot looking wife. I don't really care what other people think or have, I don't compare myself to ... Full Comment>>

RandomGuy on news Which International Destinations Are Most Popular with Chinese Tourists? (6 comments)
Aug 12,2016 00:57

They spend most because everything that's made in China for China sucks ass so they save money and buy as much crap as possible while overseas, can't blame them for that, I would do the same if virtually every domestic products in my country were substandard too. The same reason why China miserably failed in ... Full Comment>>

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