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elijahishmael on news 10 Must-Have-Apps in China(9 comments)
Apr 08,2016 07:29

Thanks alot! Full Comment>>

elijahishmael on news English Phrases in China that Drive Me Nuts(29 comments)
Apr 07,2016 15:15

What about,"Ok,ok,ok!"? Full Comment>>

elijahishmael on news Creative Primary Teacher Uses QR Codes to Collect Homework (6 comments)
Mar 31,2016 12:12

cool! i think i'll try that myself. Full Comment>>

elijahishmael on news Nigerian Sentenced to Life in Chinese Prison for Smuggling Cocaine in Beijing(6 comments)
Mar 29,2016 08:13

This is perhaps one of the few exceptions where racial profiling actually led to crime prevention. Full Comment>>

elijahishmael on news Beijing Man Dies from Overwork. Company: He was Watching Porn(13 comments)
Mar 28,2016 10:28

companies will use an excuse to avoid liability....what a low blow! Full Comment>>

elijahishmael on news Expats in China: How Valuable Are They to Employers? (77 comments)
Mar 25,2016 09:39

Thanks for the encouragement, although I was mining for some deeper insights into Chinese psychological disposition. Full Comment>>

elijahishmael on news Don't Worry, Be Happy: 6 Tips to Enjoy Your Stay in China(65 comments)
Mar 24,2016 15:47

Good advice. It's so easy to be negative. "When in CHINA, do as the CHINESE!" Pound for pound, despite the daily culture shock and extreme social backwardness of some residents, you'd be hard pressed to find a country with greater opportunities today for the average foreigner. Full Comment>>

elijahishmael on news How to Win at China-ing(17 comments)
Mar 22,2016 19:38

Good article. You're right. "Real" teaching jobs will come to China in the future. If you're interested in professional development, there's loads one can do in her free time. The Chinese are obsessed with success. Better they get there with your help rather than someone else's. Full Comment>>


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